Batman vs Spiderman: 10 Major Reasons Why Batman Will Always Lose

Marvel and DC fans have their own favorites that they want to pit against the rivals. Among the most popular superheroes in Marvel & DC camps are Spiderman and Batman. Spiderman is one of the most beloved superheroes in the Marvel universe while Batman is a cult figure who is treated like a god in DC universe. Both of them are orphans and their transformation into superheroes is inspired by a death in the family. Both are fighting to save their cities but Batman is considered to be a dark, brooding superhero who is consumed by angst which is manifested in his crusade against the criminals of Gotham.

Batman is the most iconic comic-book character of all time, not just because he is a human who became a superhero through sheer grit & determination despite all odds, but he is the only one who has stuck to his moral principles for a very long period of time. In the movie Dark Knight, he could have killed Joker and everything would have been fine but he decided not to fall for it. Although, in DC Comics he once did kill Joker as that was the only solution. On the other hand, Spiderman is also not a brutal killer but he does’nt really stand by any moral code or anything.

Many people think that Spiderman is too young to match the battle-ready Batman who re-invents himself every time he goes against new adversaries. He almost beat Superman in Batman v Superman. One of the reasons why people say Batman will win in a fight against Spider-Man is that he has embraced his dark side many times and he will go to any extent to beat his adversary, whereas Spiderman is a good guy who has never gone dirty with his villains. But contrary to this, the reality is he has faced everything that world threw at him and triumphed in both civilian and superhero life. And there is a dark side to him. He has done things he is not proud of.

For instance, Peter Parker comes across as a nice guy but he can be a pretty terrible friend sometimes. Harry Osborn is his best friend, he got addicted to drugs and his life started to go on a downward spiral, just when he needed Peter the most, he was not there for him. In Amazing Spider-man #156, Peter Parker slept with his girlfriend Betty Brant while going through a break-up with Mary Jane, he did’nt feel guilty of his moral transgressions. Once in Marvel Zombies comics, a deadly virus turned superheroes into evil zombies, Spiderman decided to have Aunt May for lunch and Mary Jane for dinner.

Moreover, Spiderman does have a unique set of abilities, more so with a new Iron-Spidey suit made by Stark Industries. He will be donning an upgraded Iron-Spider suit which we saw at the end of Spiderman: Homecoming. It has a modern, upgraded stealth armor with a strong metallic base which enabled him to fight Winter Soldier in the Civil war. There are enhanced web-shooters embedded in the suit which displays classic Spiderman signal along with spider light, spider trackers etc. We will see web wings or triangular webbing which allows Spiderman to glide through long distances in the city akin to military base jumping. There are various web functions embedded in new Tech suit such as smartphone-like interface, spider trackers, spider light, spider drone, spider tracer etc.

Here’re ten reasons why Spiderman will always prevail over Batman:


Batman vs Spiderman
Batman vs Spiderman

Spiderman can fire webs at will at an enormous speed which can even snatch bullets out of the air, he can target them at anything he wants with the greatest precision at the blink of an eye. Batman would have no chance to react or escape from it because he will be trapped in no time.


One reason why Batman is able to hide or attack his adversaries out of nowhere is that he has the ability to sense his opponents, but spider-sense is much greater and is now heightened. He would know in no time where Batman is located and he would draw him into a physical fight.

Spiderman ain’t afraid of spiders or bats or anything:

The top most phobias among the normal people or superheroes have been of spiders and bats. Spiderman has never been afraid of spiders, creepy insects or bats, instead, he has embraced the skills and features of these creatures and used it to his advantage against dangerous adversaries. Batman, on the other hand, is afraid of bats and he calls himself a superhero. What’s the point of calling yourself Batman when you are afraid of your own name?

Physical Strength:

Batman vs Spiderman

It’s a misconception that Batman is strongest, Spiderman can lift 15 tons on his own, one punch from him on Batman will explode his face instantly.

Spiderman is never played by George Clooney on screen:

Spiderman is one of the most beloved Marvel superheroes much like Batman in DC Universe. He has been played by Tobey Maguire in Sam Raimi trilogy, then it was played by Andrew Garfield in the Amazing Spiderman franchise which ended after two movies, and recently Tom Holland portrayed Peter Parker/Spiderman in the new franchise which has seamlessly blended into the MCU. Similarly, Batman has many incarnations and versions created by different directors and actors like Val Kilmer, Michael Keaton etc. but no one has insulted the Dark Knight the way George Clooney did in 1997 film Batman & Robin. The only conclusion one can draw is that Batman is a lesser superhero than an amazing Spiderman loved by all.


Spiderman never needed anyone, he fought alone bravely as a Lone Ranger while Batman always needed someone to assist/help him take down a bunch of criminals ruining Gotham city. Moreover, he could never win the trust and confidence of his sidekicks as well, most of the times they just left him in the lurch when he needed them the most. He even got one killed. Spiderman has always been loyal and trustworthy to his people.


Spiderman doesn’t need any help climbing buildings, structures, skyscrapers etc. He can easily use this to his advantage and raid the supplies of Wayne Enterprises, disrupt the flow and stick it to Batman in cool ways.

Spiderman has a steady girlfriend and he can kiss upside down:

Peter Parker a.k.a Spiderman has a really gorgeous girlfriend who is attracted towards him for his genuineness, compassion, and personality. On the other hand, women are attracted to Bruce Wayne for his money and wealth instead of sincerity and integrity. Money can come and go (it did go away in TDKR) and Rachel too left him for Harvey Dent. At least, Spiderman has a steady girlfriend who has been with him all the way and an even kiss upside down like a boss. I can’t even recollect Batman kissing anyone…oh wait…Talia Ahl Ghul who then stabbed him multiple times.

Insane Speed:

Batman is just an enhanced human with modern weapons, Spiderman is very unpredictable and has the ability to outmaneuver 9 laser beams fired at him from close range.

Spiderman has all the advantages:

Batman vs Spiderman

Bat-fans think that he could just bring Kryptonite in a fight against Superman, but what will he do against Spiderman? Well, they don’t have an answer.

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