Super Sunday Funday: Batman vs Bahubali

Batman vs Bahubali: Who Would Win?

Today there is going to be a battle of a man out of time and a tech-genius and tactician with a lot of brains and strength, Batman vs Bahubali. Both of these individuals are extremely rich and strong. This battle would not happen in the wildest dreams of any individual, but if it does happen, it will be a treat to watch and literally some good fun. Both of them have had training, so it will be a tough brawl if the prince of Gotham ever needs to take on the mighty prince of Maheshmati. Batman vs Bahubali, Let’s analyze their strengths and find out who will be the ultimate winner.


Bruce Wayne is a wealthy playboy, a philanthropist who became Batman because of the murder of his parents and dedicated his life to fight crime and serve justice which he and his parents did not get. Batman has a Genius-level intellect, is at peak human physical and mental condition.

He is a skilled martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant. He is the world’s number one detective and utilizes high-tech equipment and weapons stored in his utility belt. His ideas are that true justice and punishment can only be given by providing a second chance.

Even though he does not have any Super powers, he is still a tough opponent for even an omnipotent individual to beat. What he lacks in Super powers, he brings in with his wealth and will. Bruce is the prince of Gotham. He is seriously rich. When you have billions of Dollars in your Bank account then the Equipment you add to you Armory would obviously be Kick-Ass.

He has a Batmobile which is much stronger and durable than the strength of 2 Tanks combined. Along with that, he brings in the Batwing, a fighter Jet, and any other cool vehicles. All his Vehicles are armed with ammunitions which will be almost equal to a small Army. He also has various suits for various situations.


Amrendra Bahubali is the beloved king of Maheshmati. He is the sworn protector of his nation and the people who live in it. Bahubali is an extremely strong individual and we have all loved the tales of his experiences. He is a master swordsman, archer and can swing a mace as well as a spear.

Along with that, he is blessed with immense, brute strength. He is gods righteous man and a great leader. His loyalty lies towards his nation and the ones he loves, especially his mother. Doing the right thing actually gives him the internal strength and will to go on. He has trained throughout his lifetime.

Being a king, he is super rich and can put all his strength and wealth into winning a war against anyone. He is a master tactician in setting up a war and is a great hand to hand combatant. This ancient war soldier actually might be the strongest a mortal human can ever be. He will never back down from a fight and is not afraid to fight for his rights and also against the social evils of the society.

Batman vs Bahubali: Battle of the Rich boys

This battle if ever happens, it would be the sickest of all. Both these individuals are extremely strong human beings. A brawl between them can only happen if either Bahubali goes to the future somehow, or Batman goes to the past.

If Batman goes to the past, he might lose all his resources which rely on. Still, he is a trained ninja and can hold his own in a fight, even though Bahubali is much stronger than him physically. Also, he would have the knowledge of future tech, so he will use his knowledge, and we all know that when Batman is given a little bit of prep-time, there is no one who could beat him.

Batman vs Bahubali

If Bahubali comes to the future, there is no one who could save him from the caped crusader. Even if Batman fights him straight up in hand to hand combat, his Mech-suit will give him the advantage. And he can just smash Bahubali with his gadgets and tech equipment. He would not even have to bring in the Batmobile.

So, the verdict would say that Batman would be the ultimate winner in both timelines.

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