5 Superpowers You Didn’t Know Doctor Strange Possesses

Now Doctor Strange is having a good time in theaters, Marvel Cinematic Universe has blown one of its dynamites and the worldwide response is just crazy. He is one of the exciting and powerful characters of the comic book universe and now the cinematic universe. From reality-bending events to fisticuffing with rogues, Doctor Strange is the master of mystic arts. Hinting about the infinity stones to astonishing revelations, Doctor Strange has built a huge traction now. So let’s get a little deep into his character and check out his five superpowers you did not know he has.

1) Time Travel


One of his greatest powers among other Astral abilities is time travel. He can travel at any speed in the non-physical realm, making him one of the fastest characters in the comic book universe. He once journeyed over four dimensions. He can change the time through his chronokinesis powers. He also passed his knowledge and taught time-travel to his girlfriend Clea.

2) Cloning


Doctor Strange has the ability to clone himself. This one appeared when he went up against Loki in Strange Tales #123. The Sorcerer Supreme uses his replicants when Loki tries to manipulate his powers and trick him ti weird Thor’s hammer.

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