5 Secret Tricks That Iron Man Has Up His Sleeve

Tony Stark aka Iron Man sure is a great superhero, but there are still a lot many secrets that he or his suit are hiding and we have no idea about them. Well actually no, here we list the top 5 secret tricks that Tony has up his sleeve:

Superhuman Response Time

Well, of course, he is not as fast as Quicksilver, but yeah he sure is even faster than an Olympic sprinter, when Tony has the Extremis suit on him, he got it connected to his core and received some real superpowers.

Project Hologram Decoys

Well, this power sure can come in handy, this power of his hasn’t been seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but we’d love to see this. Tony usually does this in the comics where he has holograms of himself doing his thing for him at many places at the same time.

Store the Suit Inside his Body

This suit of the billionaire playboy philanthropist ca=n be stored in his body, yeah you read it right, it’s a nanotechnology that makes it possible for Tony to store the suit in his skeleton & nervous system and control its actions just with his mind. Cool right? This would be quite a surprise for the bad guys and Tony too would be a superhero, having no external powers.

Freeze Beam

iron man

This is a pretty famous iron man weapon that we haven’t yet seen in the MCU. Yeah, we all know the powers of the repulsers, but Tony’s arc reactor tech in his chest is even more powerful, what’s more, is The Freeze beam that comes from Tony’s core is one of his famous weapons.

Radar Interference

He can’t be detected. This is not the most attractive super power that one would know, but from a logical point of view, this has to be the most important superpower of the hero. Be it in a hostile territory or a no-fly zone, he can be anywhere and also there is the element of surprise that he has. It comes in handy too folks!!

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