5 Things That Make Nightwing Better Than Batman

Dick Grayson was the first Robin who later took the mantle of Nightwing. He was the first and the best ever sidekick to Batman. Here are five reasons why he is a better character than Batman:

A Team player

Where we see Bruce Wayne going on I work alone, I prefer to be alone, all the while brooding, yeah it’s cool to watch at but isn’t so good when one is actually there in the scene with the guy, whereas Dick Grayson, all the while being talented, almost as talented as Bats is a great team player. Be it with Batman or Batgirl or even Batwoman and Batwing, he seems to work just fine with everyone.

Knows It Doesn’t Last Forever

Dick, is a guy who knows that it doesn’t last for always. He grows and then knows when to be his own person. He was the first Robin, and the best too, but he didn’t stay the Boy Wonder forever. He came to be his own person and gained knowledge from elsewhere too.

Continuing Bruce’s Legacy

There have been a lot of times when Bruce is missing or sometimes even dead while we even have his son now. Damian Wayne, the present Robin, Still no one is more fitting to don the costume of Batman while Bruce isn’t there. He does the job and does it well.

His Way

Dick Grayson, just like Bruce saw his parents die in front of him. he too started on a life of crime since childhood, he too has lived a dual life just like his mentor. Then what;’s different? It’s his way’. The way he lives his life perceives things, reacts to situations and his lighthearted attitude, it all reflects back to how great a person he is. And how he hasn’t let this life get better of him.

He Makes Mistakes


What’s the best thing about Dick’s Character is that he is a constantly growing character? Where Bruce is headstrong and adamant, Nightwing is bendy. He makes mistakes and admits them, works for them and makes things right. He is someone who looks more human and relatable. Not just that, he can actually be a great idol to live a happy life even through all the ordeals.

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