7 People Who Were Hit By Lightning And Survived

Ever wondered how those huge farms of clouds from lightning? Well, there are so many scientific stories to delve in. We generally come across a range of stories where people were struck by the lightning and died. We believe that there is the only man who survived the lightning and still alive. Yes, I am talking about the speedster Flash, but that’s a whole different fictional world. Today we bring you seven people who are the Flash of real life and survived lightning.

Britney Wehrle

Britney Wehrle was enjoying a sunny day with her friend in Washington Pennsylvania and from nowhere, lighting struck her without even realizing until her left arm stopped moving. As per doctors, it traveled all the way from her shoulder through her wrist leaving marks in her body.

2. Sophie Frost

Sophie Frost was strolling along with her friend Mason Billington and that’s when both of them were struck by the lightning with Sophie got frontal burns which went through her iPod.

3. Winston Kemp

Winston Kemp is a badass who was struck it and survived as if nothing happened to him. He didn’t realize that the lightning struck the ground and hit him until he saw some fractal patterns all over his body. 

4. Roy Sullivan

Roy Sullivan was struck seven times in his life and that’s when he earned a nickname, ‘Human Conductor’. He believed that clouds followed him every time.

5. Austin Melton

Austin Melton was high spirited and was playing basketball at his school, but he didn’t realize that he was hit by lightning until he noticed burns on his head, chest, and ankles.

6. Melvin Roberts

All the way from state Seneca, South Carolina, Melvin Robert was hit 11 times by lightning in his life. He was struck while riding a bulldozer and at a neighbor’s house.

7. Peter McCathie

Peter McCathie was struck when he was boating and suddenly a cloud formed above him. And the same day, he won a lottery of one million dollars.

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