5 New Habits to Inculcate Rather than Smoking: World No Tobacco Day

How many people do you see cluttered together on the streets smoking? They do nothing more than polluting their health and air. Why not spend time with your family and avoid being a victim to the harmful addiction. Smoking is not just killing you, but also shortening each day of your life, which you could spend doing something fun and constructive.

Watch out:

Choose your own Central Perk! Go grab a cup of coffee with your Friends!

A cup of good latte or coffee with your friends is any day better than smoking over workplace issues. Break your addiction, invite your friends to have a cup of delicious coffee at some amazing café, and laugh your day out! It’s any day better than coughing your lungs out.

Ever wondered why Joey, Chandler and all the other characters from Friends always stayed at Central Perk? They got the courage to deal with their lives when they laughed with each other over coffee. For more Friends related ideas, watch Friends back to back on Comedy Central!

Binge watch these crazy TV shows!

You really want to spend your 3.5 minutes of life smoking, whereas you can be deeply engrossed in the thrilling TV shows. Now you don’t just have Game of Thrones to binge watch, they say, Orange is the New Black is coming out with its all new season next week.

Have you seen the new poster of the dragon? You cannot miss it out!

Build your own playlist and explore new genres!

Bursting your ears with good music is better than bursting your lungs with harmful smoke. Go to concerts, watch YouTube and build your taste in music. There is so much to explore over so many different genres.

Sit at home and relax with the soulful lyrics or go out with your friends and groove to some EDM. Music calms down your nerves, just like you think smoking helps you. The difference? It doesn’t make you prone to cancer.

Engage with the Vh1 digital fidget toy! It’ll last the same time as your cigarette

world no tobacco day

Feeling the urge to smoke? The digital fidget toy will help you divert your mind. Play this engaging game and it promises to make you stop smoking. This is a constructive way to forget smoking and indulge in something more interesting.

Vh1 and Ketto bring to you the most exciting game to pass your time when you have the urge to smoke.

Cooking is better than smoking! Try new recipes and feed your belly something delicious

Have your tried anything new lately? Watch Come Dine with Me on COLORS INFINITY and fall in love with food. Now instead of taking your beloved one out on a date, cook delicious meals at home.  The process of cooking is gastronomical enough for you to knock you out of your smoking habits.

In case these are not enough, English and Music brands of Viacom18 bring to you a bouquet of all new ways to jolt you out of the smoke.

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