The New Avengers Infinity War Poster Reveals A Massive Spoiler  

Marvel Cinematic universe will massively expand to over 70 comic-book characters who are likely to appear in Avengers Infinity War movies, setting off a kind of competition among every major character wanting to get more screen time. Many superheroes and villains will be literally jostling for space and time in the magnum-opus due to release in 2018. Kevin Feige (President, Marvel Studios) thinks that it’s the culmination of the entire MCU since it started in May 2008 with the movie Iron Man. He further confirmed that there will be a crossover of Avengers and Guardians in Infinity War which will continue in the next Avengers movie.

The classic comic-book story is unlikely to change where Thanos first locate all the mind gems, they are in the possession of all the elders of the universe in Marvel comics, but in the cinematic universe Vision has a mind gem, and he clearly isn’t an elder of the universe.

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In Avengers Infinity War, he will assemble all the gems and create an all-powerful Infinity gauntlet, cause a major catastrophe and then in Avengers 4, Team Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy would unite and fight Mad Titan to save the realm.

The hype around Avengers Infinity War is real and is building up rapidly with new stuff coming out almost every week. Two weeks ago, Benedict Cumberbatch started shooting his scenes in Atlanta and he has appeared in plenty of set photos that came out recently.

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A new video has come out on the internet which shows Dr. Strange fighting unseen forces, summoning his magical abilities, blocking an attack forming an X with his hands. This powerful invisible force pushed his arms down and brought him to his knees. It is very much possible that he is fighting the Mad Titan himself. The reason for this attack could be the retrieval of “Time stone” a.k.a the Eye of Agamotto transported back to Kamar-Taj in Nepal for safe keeping.

In another part of the footage, Dr. Strange is meeting his friends again who are speculated to be part of the greatest secret society ever existed in mankind – The Illuminati. Kevin Feige has also confirmed that they plan to introduce Illuminati in some capacity in the movie. Robert Downey Jr. shares a picture with his supposedly Illuminati friends including Benedict Cumberbatch, Benedict Wong in costume and Mark Ruffalo.

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In a new footage, all these actors are moving in streets with destroyed cars, some set on fire and Downey Jr. wearing a motion capture suit.

The new poster of Avengers Infinity War shows Steve Rogers sporting a beard, Black Widow as kick-ass blonde and Falcon. But Steve Rogers is not in his usual attire of Captain America, he is wearing Nomad suit from comics.

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Russo Brothers told Huffington Post that dropping his shield “is him letting go of that identity. It’s him admitting that the identity of Captain America was in conflict with the very personal choice that he was making.”

We know that Captain America is one of the most revered, principled and loved superhero of all times across the comic-book universe. He is one of the most grounded superheroes who cares about people and his team.

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During the Battle of New York with Loki and his Chittauri army, he led the Avengers to victory followed by the threat of extinction from Ultron, he always stood his ground and put the interests of humanity and team first before himself.

At the end of Civil War, we saw Captain America leaving his shield behind as he decided to part ways with Avengers if he is being asked to uphold Sokovia accords.

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It seems Captain America has left Avengers for good and he has no intention to take back his shield.

Avengers Infinity War

So how will he fight the Mad Titan? Well, according to the poster, he will take on the new alias Nomad which he adopted during 1970’s in Marvel comics. So Yes, he will be fighting against Thanos and his ruthless alien invaders but as someone else.

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