Marvel Superhero Deaths That Never Actually Happened

A lot of times we are played with, yeah these are those times when we are made to think that our favorite Marvel heroes have died, but nope, they continue to live on. These are the times when Marvel characters who died were, well not so dead:

Secret Avengers

The Flash sure needs to learn from Black Widow here. Cap is dead and War Machine while dying hands Natasha a weapon that can take her back in time, she goes back fucking 44 years and builds weapons that’ll save her team’s lives without altering the timeline.

Bucky Survives (Again)

Bucky has a thing for not dying, when fighting, who even rips his cybernetic arm and stabs him with her new hammer, that comes right outside his chest, the dude is still saved by a formula. There is a funeral held for him, but he returns to duty as the Winter Soldier under Fury.

Charles Xavier

When in X-Men The Last Stand Charles Xavier died, all the audiences were shocked to see the main character killed off in such a fashion, but they all are surprised when they see in the post credits scene, or rather listen to the voice of Xavier.


Yeah, we have Hawkeye’s wife with us here. Mockingbird and Hawkeye had a pretty bad married life, but it seemed to have changed when she came in front of her husband to save her life and died in the process. It is later when it’s revealed that Bobbie wasn’t the one who died but an Alien imposter, a Skrull who was trying to invade.

Matthew Malloy Kills All

In Uncanny Avengers, Cyclops when finds that Charles has hidden an Omega level mutant, he goes to recruit him so that he isn’t taken into Marvel S.H.I.E.L.D., there he is killed by the helicarrier’s missiles. Not just that after that Malloy in self-defense kills Diamond and much more, until Tempus goes back in time and with the help of Xavier doesn’t let Malloy’s parents meet.

Captain America – Civil War


This amazing storyline on which, not completely though is a film also based. The comic that came on 2007, Civil War is one of the best artworks ever. Just to give you a glimpse of what happens in this storyline after some Avengers are assassinated and the govt. rules in a program to have a list of all superheroes’ identities, it is Tony Stark who becomes the Govt.’s, tyrant. Spider-Man is unmasked on T.V. and Captain America dies. Killed by Crossbones when he’s on his way to face the trial or does he? Nope, later it’s revealed that he is still alive. The dude seems to live forever.

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