5 Mind-Fucking Gadgets Used By Spider-Man

After getting bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker transformed into the superhero we know today as Spider-Man. Of course, that transformation needed a few twirls – like a costume that hides his identity and some awesome gadgets to help him on the way. Peter Parker was always a super brainiac with technology, so it only made sense that he would come up and invent some super cool gear to help him on his many adventures fighting crime. Here are the top five gadgets used by Spider-Man:

Web Shooters:


Spider-Man might’ve gotten some great powers from the radioactive spider but he never got the ability to weave spider webs. So his web shooters are pretty important for him. They are also his most famous gadget, having been featured since his first appearance in “Amazing Fantasy” #15 in 1962.

Spider Armour:


Spider-Man’s normal suit is not bullet proof. So when he battled the New Enforcers, he created a special suit in a lab at Empire University called the “spider-armor.” He did not wear it long as it was too heavy for him.

Utility Belt:


Although he does not come up to Batman’s level in the utility belt, Hydro ManSpider-Man uses his belt to store cartridges of his web shooters. He also carries his camera in his belt for taking photos to sell to The Daily Bugle.

Cyro Cubes:


Peter Parker invented cyro cubes to battle the Hydro-Man. Spider-Man developed a cryogenic formula that can freeze living things without destroying cells. He also uses it to put out fires as well.

Stealth Suit:


The Stealth Suit was made to fight off Hobgoblin’s supersonic “Goblin Laugh.”The suit has two modes-green and red. In the green mode, is suit can’t be seen or heard by anyone without with special lenses that he wears and gives to his allies. In the red mode, all sounds are canceled out which means no one can hear him, and sonic weapons can’t be used against him. They can still see him, though.

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