DCEU’s The Flash Vs CW’s The Flash: Who Is Better And Why?

The Flash has been a hot topic for fanboys everywhere, especially after DC Extended Universe announced a separate Flash to the one that already existed in The CW’s network’s show of the same name. Now it would be unfair to judge too early on, as DCEU’s The Flash has not yet made a larger appearance as his television counterpart. But the comparisons have already made, arguments have been thrown about and decisions have been taken in the fandom. Here are different facts that may change your decision of which version is the best.


Barry Allen has often been a rather smart-alecky character in the comic book, but TV’s Flash has yet to really encapsulate that part of the hero. Maybe it’s because Grant Gustin is too damn mopey feeling the teenage angst for his parents, his step sister or just for his past actions. All in all, utter failure for the prominent part of the character. DCEU’s The Flash, although has sparse scenes as compared to the TV counterpart, has been a comedic gold so far. Ezra Miller has really delved into a more youthful and enthusiastic Barry Allen, something we have never seen before.

Winner: DCEU’s-The Flash


According to Youtube channel Super Science, Tv’s The Flash fastest running speed was 1590 mph, and that was without using the Tachyon Speed Enhancer which made him four times faster resulting in an average of Mach13.2. DCEU’s Barry has yet to truly showcase his speed powers, so judging from the one scene where he stops a robbery in a grocery store, his speed is concluded to be 58.09 MPH. It must also be pointed out that Allen was not testing his limits as he does in the TV show.

Winner: TV’s-The Flash


One of the most prominent differences between TV and Movie Flash is their costume. TV’s Barry has stayed pretty faithful to the comic book version’s costume, although the color tone has been changed. Movie Barry has suited up in a more futuristic version of the suit. And he got a bit of controversy for it. While movies have always created their own interpretations, this one has not been the best.

Winner: TV’s-The Flash

Fighting Technique

In TV’s The Flash, Barry Allen has yet to prove he can face any bad guy alone.He may have the speed, but it looks like he has not yet developed the fighting intelligence that the character possessed in the comic book. Without the help of Star-Lab who literally tell him how to fight, Allen has been a weak fighter. DCEU’s Barry has already brought arch enemy Captain Boomerang to justice, and he has done it alone. You have to respect that solo effort.

Winner: DCEU’s-The Flash

Use Of Speed Force

The Speed Force is the most important part of The Flash’s history. And TV’s The Flash has made more use of the Force than his movie counterpart. An entire season was dedicated to the Speed Force storyline, which saw Barry run through the future and changing history as it existed. DCEU’s Barry has only used the Speed Force once, during Batman Vs Superman, to warn Bruce Wayne about the alien known as Superman.

Winner: TV’s-The Flash  

Change Of Lightning

This one is a small difference, but one that seems to catch the eye. The Flash, when he speeds away into whatever action he may be doing always left behind a yellow colored lightning. TV’s Barry again stayed pretty loyal to this trait. DCEU’s Barry gives off a blue lightning, something that is not the norm for the hero. Although future Barry has been prone to it.

Winner: It’s a tie as there is no real difference in the end result.

In conclusion, TV’s The Flash has a bigger advantage that DCEU’s Flash as he has more of a platform to explore all the characteristics that he has in possession. The movie version, although, not as exposed as if yet has.

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