5 Craziest Deadpool Costumes You Don’t Know About

Deadpool is one of the craziest superheroes of the comic book as well as the cinematic universe. Also dubbed as Merc With The Mouth, the superhero does have his alternate versions which are crazy as hell like him. Other than his sarcasm and witty humor, we are fascinated by his tight costume which remains the same. Well, it’s not. The mercenary also has some other costumes that you don’t know about. Take a look:

1. X-Uniform

When Merc with the mouth joined the X-Men group he decided to don a combination of classic and yellow-back uniform with “X-Men” printed on his chest. However, she didn’t change his original mast and a whole costume was just weird. He wore the costume in Deadpool Vol 2 #17.

2. X-Force Uniform

When he joined the X-Force in Uncanny X-Force #1, he replaced his original costume with a costume colored in a black and white palette of the team.


3. Evil Costume

The origin of Evil Deadpool is connected to a crazy British psychiatrist Ella Whitby, who assembled the body parts of the Deadpool which he had lost over the past years and frozen them. The costume is a combination of different Deadpool costume he wrote since from his inception. During an X-men battle, he used a blue and yellow suit, wore the X-Men costume and classic red-blue suit.

4. Mercs for Money costumes

As much as he collaborates with other superhero groups, he has his own teams of mercenaries. One of them is Mercs for Money, where Wade developed different costumes for all members and every suit has a different color.

5. Chef Deadpool

deadpool costumes

In this one, he is not wearing his red-black mast but a chef’s hat. And his swords were replaced by spatulas and his sias with rubber chickens. But why did he do that?

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