5 Villains We Would Love To Root For In Real Life

Of course, we love villains in comics, be it the Joker or be it Ra’s Al Ghul, but we would never want these guys to come to life. Ever, but there are some villains, who if actually appear in real life, we’d love to root for them. Here are some of them:

Norman Osborn

Osborn was a great mind, a scientist and a philanthropist, until he was affected by the Goblin serum. Come on, it could have made anyone crazy. But even after Osborn is affected by the serum, he later becomes good, even If it is for sometime. Sure he has caused a lot of damage to Peter but, the people would love him.

Doctor Octopus

This is the mastermind who actually put together the Sinister Six. . Dr. Otto Octavius was once a good man, even loved a woman but couldn’t be with her because of his mother. Before his power harnessing experiment’s created tentacles corrupted his mind he sure was an idol of many science enthusiasts. In real life too a man with such intentions and knowledge would be an asset to the world.

Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is one of the most despicable foes of the Fantastic 4 and sure has caused a lot of ruckus for the people around there. But let’s not forget that the dude is great when it comes to manipulating minds as well as using science and magic for the advancement of the society. Not to forget even in the comics he has his own country and people love him.

Lex Luthor


Come on, even you knew he’d be here. Luthor sure is an evil guy who wants to destroy Superman. But what his ultimate goal is, total destruction of any alien form on our planet. He just has that goal. Apart from that he has helped the public a lot of times and even did a great job as the president of the U.S.A


Undoubtedly this guy had to take the number one spot on our list. Wilson Fisk might be a crime lord, but he is still the kid who was bullied and body-shamed and someone who worked his way up the ranks of the crime industry. He still is a great public figure and is really good at heart when it comes to donating huge sums of money. A great leader, a true businessman but also a crime lord. Also the only guy on our list, who doesn’t have a science background.

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