The Flash: A DC Supervillain Returning To The Central City

The Season 3 of The Flash ended on a very high note with and left people thinking at the same time that what exactly is going to happen in Season 4 as the Flash went into the speed-force leaving the Central City in the hands of Kid-Flash and are rest of team Flash.

We surely know that Barry is going to come back from the speed force in Season 4 at some point but we now know a villain who is definitely going to come back in coming season after her last appearance back in season 1.

So, the Flash villain who is set to make a comeback on the show is Peek-a-Boo who is going to appear in the first episode of the 4th season. Actor Britne Oldford is going to reprise her role as the notorious villain of the Scarlett Speedster.


Peek-a-Boo used her teleportation powers to rob an armored truck in the first season of the show but was later captured and imprisoned in the Pipeline. She was later broken out of the prison by Captain Cold and Golden Glider and went on to feature in the web series The Chronicles of Cisco.


It would be really interesting how Kid Flash tackles the old Flash villain as she would be a totally new villain which Wally has never faced before. Sure Cisco and others are going to be of great help to him but still, Wally has to take her down mostly by himself.

What else would be interesting this season is that how many other villains are going to make a comeback on the show.

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How do you feel about Peek-a-Boo coming back and which other villain do you want to see a return on the show? Tell us in the comments.

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