8 Worthless Comic Villains Who Were Terrifying In Movies

Sometimes superhero movies pick up villains that did not have a significant part in the comics but when they are actually featured in the movies as the main big bads, they make all the difference. Here is a list of garbage villains that were very impactful in the movies.


8 Worthless Comic Villains Who Were Terrifying In Movies

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) portrayed Ronan as the main villain, but he was really supported very well by his right arm Nebula (Thanos’ Daughter). She had so much potential that she became a guardian herself in the 2nd movie and also might take down Thanos!

KG Beast

Anatoli Knayezev is a Russian assassin who is a very unpopular character even in the comics. Not many people are familiar with the Batman villain but he was heavily featured in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice alongside Lex and Doomsday as a villain who had a really substantial part in the movie.


The villain of the first Deadpool movie is a very small character in the comics, but he was one of the main reasons for the huge success the movie actually turned out to be. The character actually turned out to be a worthy antagonist for our very own ‘Merc with a mouth’.

William Stryker

Stryker was actually a different character in the comics who was no match for the super powered mutant team, but he was changed to a military colonel in the movies and has had a very big role in 3 X-Men movies along with being the main villain for 2 movies in the series.

Aldrich Kilian

Iron man 3 did commit a big mistake by turning the main comic-book villain into shit and bringing up a lesser known villain as the big one instead. But for those who actually liked what Marvel did, they know that how big of an impact did Aldrich Killian make as the main Antagonist of Iron Man.


In order to focus more on Stephen Strange’s story, Doctor Strange (2016) didn’t have the Sorcerer facing off against his main antagonist, Baron Mordo. Instead, a minor villain from the comics named Kaecilius was used who actually turned out to be of great effect in the movie.

Arnim Zola

This villain was not the main Antagonist for Captain America, but he was the main reason of the bad things that had happened in both the Captain America movies. It was only due to his arc, that the events of both movies were so crucially successful.

Alexander Pierce

One of the highest ranking S.H.I.E.L.D. officers, Alexander Pierce, turned out to actually be a Hydra agent in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2013). Considering that he helped a terrorist organization secretly run the world’s premier spy agency, he’s probably one of the most successful villains ever in the MCU and the comics did not provide him such importance at all.

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