15 Insanely Powerful Characters The DCEU Is Holding Back

The DCEU is finally onto the start they were looking for and now they are bringing in the league together in the upcoming Justice League. We have had announcements of more heroes and villains joining this Cinematic Universe later on but none of them are as powerful as Superman. If you look at the comics, the DC universe is full of huge characters which are so powerful that even the likes of Superman cannot defeat them alone. Here is a list of the big guns that DC is too chicken to launch.

The Spectre 

He was the member of the Justice Society of America which is yet to be introduced in the DCEU. He gets his omnipotent powers from God himself. His powers are magical, and he can literally do anything, and he is a god in his own right. With limitless strength and the ability to control all matter, along with time and space, the Spectre is really only weakened by his human host and their ability to judge someone fairly which might or might not work in their way. Other than that, he has no weakness at all!

Composite Superman

The story of Composite Superman is a pretty weird one. In the comics, when Joseph Meach tries to commit suicide, Superman saves him and gives him a job at the Superman Museum. While he was there, a bolt of lightning strikes him and a display of statues of the Legion of Super-Heroes flashes in front of him and he gets all their powers including Superman’s. Just imagine if the Justice League has to take on an individual that has the powers of every League member combined.

Martian Manhunter

The last survivor of Mars, just like Superman, he is the last of his kind. His powers are a lot more than Superman and even though might be a little stronger than him strength-wise, his powers like intangibility, Telepathy, shapeshifting and turning into a freaking dragon covers his weakness. He is vulnerable to fire. This character should surely be the one joining the Justice League in the sequel.


While he has got a big introduction in CW’s Arrowverse, he is yet to make his debut in the movies. Even though he is featured pretty regularly in Legends of Tomorrow, he is still very under-rated and people are still not familiar with how powerful he is. He has enough power to bring Superman to his knees. His range of powers is pretty broad and his simpler abilities consist of firing nuclear fusion blasts, absorbing radiation, phasing through objects, and he’s even superhumanly strong. This is a character we need to see on the big screen.


Amazo is an android built by mad Professor Ivo. Ivo was a scientist who was obsessed with power and wanted to build something that could not be destroyed and can defeat any adversary it came across. So, he created Amazo who had the powers of all the members of original Justice League that includes Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern and Flash. He can even absorb and replicate additional powers and this makes him an unstoppable beast in the comics.


There have been multiple Gogs in DC Comics and they have all proven to be crazy powerful. The most common of them is William Matthews, when he became Gog, he also turned into a literal god of the universe. Gog possesses powers like bending time and reality, super strength, energy blasts, flight and even granting people wishes! Well, he could be a great villain for the Justice League to defeat after they are done with Darkseid.


Trigon is an interdimensional demon who has enslaved countless worlds. He is the father of Teen Titan, Raven and many other powerful demons. Trigon has been in existence since the beginning of the universe and has powers that are not even matched by the Man of Steel. He can manipulate reality and transmute matter, can open wormholes, grow bigger/smaller in size. Yet, he has never made a debut in any movie or TV series and since New 52, his whereabouts are a mystery.

Super-Boy Prime

Superboy Prime was originally a good guy in the comics but went insane during the Infinite Crisis. He battled with almost every superhero on the planet and almost took them all out. He has powers that keep him ahead of Superman and many other powerful DC superheroes. He would be a great match-up against Superman and Sups would then have a worthy opponent.

Dr Fate

Doctor Fate is one of the most powerful sorcerers in the DC universe and is the founding member of Justice Society of America. Only a few can match his power level in the comics. Along with magic, he boasts super strength, invulnerability, telekinesis, telepathy and he can even manipulate lightning. As we all know Superman is vulnerable to magic and Dr. Fate is literally the god of Magic, therefore, taking on Man of Steel in a fight would be easy for him. Doctor Strange has been really amazing with the audiences so he would surely be a great addition to the DCEU.


Ion is the benevolent symbiote and the physical embodiment of the first act of willpower in the entire universe. It is the true source behind the entire Green Lantern Corps and the power they get from their will-based green energy rings. Kyle Rayner possessed the Ion power for a while in the comics, and during that time, Rayner became Omnipotent and omniscient, capable of existing everywhere at once simultaneously. Well this could be a great way to bring in Kyle Rayner’s Green Lantern in the DCEU.

Captain Atom

Nathanial Adam aka Captain Atom is ridiculously powerful and his powers are beyond our imagination. Captain Atom’s origin involved getting disintegrated and then reformed as a nigh all-powerful being with a wide range of powers. Aside from the basic abilities like super strength flight, and invulnerability, Captain Atom’s true strength lies in his ability to manipulate and project an incredible amount of energy, transmute properties and objects, and can even control his own size. Imagine a character of his abilities in the DCEU.


Brainiac is not a bad guy, just someone who wants to gather all the knowledge of the entire universes and sometimes keeps miniature sized cities for himself, just imagine if he had control over space, time, soul etc. what all he could do. We feel he would probably not stop to cities, but get whole timelines to keep for himself. What do you expect from someone who has this level of intellect? DC should get him as a villain in Man of Steel 2 and it needs to be fast tracked.

Mister Majestic

Mister Majestic is just another version of the Man of Steel. He has powers similar to him but on a higher degree. Although their physical strength is similar, he got more powers than Superman. He is faster and has more endurance along with invisibility and telepathy. His heat vision is hundreds of times more powerful than that of Superman as it’s changed the composition of Jupiter once. We’ve gotta have him for sure.

The Presence

The almighty and the most powerful being of DC comics who can be called as DC’s version of Marvel’s ‘The One Above All’ is The Presence. He has the powers that are no match for any other entity. He has the powers “whatever you can think of” and he is immortal. He is all-powerful, can be anything and can be anywhere he wants. The most powerful entity in the entire DC universe should be introduced in the DCEU as soon as possible because then we will be in for a visual spectacle!



Impossibly old, this crazy alien who is also known as Larfleeze is also the sole bearer of the Orange Lantern Ring. Well after the introduction of the Green Lanterns, this is a unique direction the DCEU could take. Having the only Orange Lantern ring also means that he possesses the entire might of a whole Lantern corps or the Orange Corps in this case. He is way more powerful than the entire GL corps so this could be a great match-up we could end up seeing in the DCEU.

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