10 Actors Who Hated Being A Part of DC Movies

DC Superhero movies have been both good and bad on the big screen. While most actors would take it as a privilege to be a part of Superhero movies, here is a list of actors who hated working on DC Superhero movies.

Ryan Reynolds – Green Lantern

While the actor shines as Deadpool who is actually an extension of his own personality, he really sucked in DC’s Green Lantern. The actor complained about not being provided a script for an audition, so naturally, he was not able to judge the proper requirement of the character. And along with this, he also hated that he had to wear a motion capture suit for his Superhero Costume.

Ben Affleck – Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Even though the actor loves the fact that he is The Batman, he got really upset seeing how the reviews of the movie turned out to be. He claimed that the movie was not under his control and understands why the movie had bad reviews, and for this he took it upon himself to fix it as he took on the Batman solo movie to write and direct it but unfortunately due to personal issues, he had to back out of it. Still, this is not stopping him to be Batman for future movies, which is a good thing.

Halle Berry – Catwoman

Well another case of a very bad performance from a very good actor. This entire movie was bad and Berry is not the one to be solely blamed. Berry wasn’t too happy with Catwoman and proved it when the film won seven Golden Raspberry nominations including Worst Actress and she was a total sport in accepting her Razzie Award as she said – “First of all, I want to thank Warner Brothers. Thank you for putting me in a piece of s**t, god-awful movie.”   

Tommy Lee Jones – Batman Forever

Batman Forever had 2 villains in store for us, and it is safe to say that both of them were poorly portrayed. One of those was Tommy Lee Jones’ Two-Face. When the role was offered to him at first, he said he didn’t think he could do it, but agreed because his son loved Two-Face in the comics.  He regretted it though, as he had to go through 3 hours of make-up every day. Moreover, he hated it even more as Jim Carry was cast as the Riddler and the two hated each other off camera.

Josh Brolin – Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex is one of the worst DC movies ever made. Even though Josh Brolin is a great actor and is involved with two huge Marvel roles currently, he also did one god-forsaken role in a DC movie, which the audience and he himself mutually hated.  Brolin even had a problem with how the movie was marketed and wished he could make the movie over again.

George Clooney – Batman and Robin

Schumacher’s take on Batman and Robin was so bad that it actually ended up killing the Batman Franchise for several years. His casting was poor. George Clooney was a very bad Batman. Well the hate was mutual as Clooney himself did not like being Batman. He has been open about how unhappy he was to shoot. He did not agree with the decision to put nipples on the suit and he also hated the fact that the suit was too heavy to wear, restricting his movement. The follow-up reaction to the movie has made him hate it even more.

Jared Leto – Suicide Squad

Leto’s performance as the Joker is yet to be judged properly as 70% of his part was cut out of Suicide Squad as the entire 3rd act of the movie was reshot. This is why Leto got pretty upset about his role as he had worked pretty hard for it. Still, he is being pretty optimistic for it and will be back as the Joker in Suicide Squad 2 and other future DC movies.

Christopher Reeve – Superman IV

Reeve was the one who truly defined Superhero movies and Superman on the big screen. He gave remarkable performances in the first 2 Superman movies but things started to get downhill for him for the other 2 movies and by Superman IV he had reached his breaking point. Reeve tried to fight to get the movie done properly, but still half of the movie’s budget was slashed and he had to quit the franchise with a back injury that made sure that he could not play Superman ever again.

Marion Cotillar – The Dark Knight Rises

She played Miranda Tate and Talia Al Ghul in the movie which was pretty well accepted but she was pretty uncomfortable with the fact that Nolan had asked her to lie about her role to the audiences before the movie was released. She even disliked the take Nolan took on her character’s death. This was later mocked by the audiences as well.

Val Kilmer – Batman Forever


After Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer was brought on to play the Caped Crusader and the movie turned out to be a box-office smash, but Kilmer did not have a good time taking on the cowl. Even Joel Schumacher, the director had claimed that Kilmer’s behavior was pretty rude on set and the two fought quite a lot. Kilmer then moved on when Batman and Robin went into production.

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