5 Insane Powers of Batman That Made Him Take On The Justice League Alone

Batman is arguably the best superhero that DC has to offer. Yeah sure, you could consider others too, but well, Bats is Bats. Also, there is a lot of talk going on about, how Batman even after having no super powers at all is able to kick the ass of the entire Justice League, having the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman. Here are some of Batman’s ‘Super Human Powers’ that make him more than just a man:

Agility and Reflexes

Batman is undoubtedly agile; nope not talking about what Bane did to his back. But apart from that too he’s real agile and his reflexes too, they are great, he was trained by the League of Assassins and many more masters such as Lady Shiva, making him a fierce warrior.


Undoubtedly Batman has a great willpower. His will is something like none has ever seen. Be it going at his target even after being knocked out by the fear gas that even made Superman kill his wife, or be it him being able to wear the Green Lantern’s ring.

Endurance and strength

Okay, no need even to argue about this, Batman has his fair share of strength and endurance, the caped crusader retuned from a broken back, courtesy of bane in no time and kicked his ass real hard, not just that he’s able to lift some real heavy weights and has gone days without having even a sip of water and no sleep at all. That is strength if you ask me.


Well, he obviously is not someone like Mr. Terrific but Bats sure has got a great intellect. We are not just talking about his 192 IQ score, that’d be to basic for him , but how he’s the greatest detective and able to plan so far for the future. Tower Of Babel *coughs*


BatmanOh yes, this is the power that only the Batman possesses. Be it going at all the criminals in his covert, silent passion or the way he emerges suddenly and scares the shit even out of the best villains, he is the real deal. Okay if that’s not enough, Scarecrow, who has his own fear toxin only fears one person, The Batman.

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