10 Most Badass Superheroes With No Super Power

There are a lot of superheroes that fight crime. Some have super strength, while some can fly, some can shoot lasers from their eyes, while some are just unbreakable. There are some superheroes, who are not even close to these power levels but still kick ass, not just that, they’re also able to beat the powered superheroes. Here is a list of some such superheroes:

Black Canary

A creation of Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino, Dinah Drake was first seen in “Flash Comics” unleashing her amazing strengths, one of them being “the Canary Cry- her high-pitched scream” which can make the roofs of skyscrapers bow and touch the ground. Her acquired skill in martial arts is way more amusing to our sight than any other inherent superhuman powers her counterparts possess.

Now, her equally heroic daughter, Dinah Laurel has taken over her mantle. In CW’s Arrow TV show, she became a part of Team Arrow to fight crime in Star city but she has split after she found out that Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity have been tracking her every movement as they don’t trust her.


Barbara Gordon, a daughter of James Gordan (the police commissioner of Gotham City) was overwhelmed with the work Batman and Robin did as vigilantes; she found it way more meaningful than working with her father could ever be and stepped into the mantle of Batgirl, putting her tech whiz brain to work.

Batgirl has also been a victim to Joker where she was sexually abused and was even paralyzed by him igniting numerous debates over a depiction of women on the platform with such mass fan base. DCEU has plans to make a Batgirl movie in the future but before that ‘Birds of Prey’ seem almost certain either on small or big screen.

War Machine

Tony Stark’s friend and a lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps, James Rhodes took on the mantle of War Machine to protect the vital national security interests of US. Unlike Tony’s slim suit, war machine packs quite a lot of external firepower in his suit too.

He ain’t an Avenger but has been a source of great help to S.H.I.E.L.D and Tony in particular. The guy has also donned the Iron Man costume quite a few times in comics in order to fill in for his drunk friend. He is the most loyal friend and a trusted soldier.


Kate Kane made her debut in “52” in 2006. So far there is no one close to her investigative capacities, this strength often offers her instances where she has performed better than Batman himself. Her utility belt provides her with the courage to become the protector of the Gotham city, though a self-destructive one.

Her love for Gotham developed while her family was moving from town to town as her father served the army. She is also a billionaire like Bruce Wayne who got inspired by his alter-ego Batman and decided to use her massive resources to rid Gotham city of organized crime by stepping into the suit herself.

Dick Grayson

Many may come, many may go, but Robin shall stay forever. Robin though has had many incarnations, but still is the best sidekick to ever be a superhero. Amongst them Dick Grayson – The Boy Wonder was the most famous one.

The character was created to draw in a younger audience, and sure it worked. Trained by Batman himself in fighting and detective work and naturally an acrobat, he sure had to be the best.


He undoubtedly is one of the best sidekicks, one has to offer. Being someone whom even Captain America can blindly rely on is a great achievement in itself. Some say he has a stronger case to take on the mantle of Captain America after Steve Rogers retires or go into cryo-sleep as he has never betrayed his country and been a true patriot for all this time, unlike Winter soldier who got influenced by H.Y.D.R.A.

Flying in a suit and battling villains is another, being such a great sidekick that after the death of the main superhero you are asked to step into his shoes is altogether on a different level. Well, that is what the Falcon has achieved.

Black Widow

Natasha Romanov, a Russian spy who came in as an antagonist in the Iron Man comics eventually became a prominent member of S.H.I.E.L.D, as well as the Avengers, is a character loved by all, especially after being played by the hot Scarlett Johansson Romanov.

She does not have any superpowers except slow aging, thanks to a serum, and she can kick ass. Hopefully, she will survive Infinity War as she deserves a solo movie. It would be a big lost opportunity if Marvel decides otherwise.


No questions about Hawkeye having no powers. The dude has been trolled for so long for being a part of the Avengers. Still, Hawkeye who came in as a villain now is someone who is not just a moral support system or a smart-ass for his team but also someone who can get the job done.

Dude was even able to take out ‘The Hulk’, even if he was in his Bruce Banner form. He has been able to balance his personal and professional life for so many years, which is a huge achievement in itself.

Green Arrow

Yeah, we all know now, “he was once on a deserted Island, because of which he transformed into someone else, something else. Green Arrow is a great character with a lot of depth to him, not just any man with a bow and Arrow.

Oliver is someone who is a billionaire and a man of his decisions. He even was reluctant to join something as big as the Justice League in order to stop the street level crimes. In fact, Batman had to persuade him to join JL as he was not ready to leave Starling city unguarded for even a second.



Really? Do we even need to go into the details? Batman is someone who is undoubtedly the best superhero with no superpowers. Call it his wits or his amazing agility, or his fear-inducing attitude or just his ways with bad guys. He has an uncanny ability to reinvent himself and come up with new tricks as he faces new villains and threats.

Bat is someone who even after having no superpowers has beaten the likes of Superman and the Justice League altogether. In fact, he was the one who came up with an idea of resurrecting Superman to take on Steppenwolf. He leads by example and definitely deserves to be on the list… Why? Because he is BATMAN!

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