10 Ways The DC Universe Would Be Drastically Different If Batman Was Never Born!!

The Batman is the most popular Superhero in the history of superhero fiction. No one comes close to being as awesome as the guy who says ‘I am Batman’ every night in the streets. The protector of Gotham City, the most dangerous human being on the planet, World’s greatest detective, Benefactor of the Justice League – Bruce Wayne has many roles and several shoes to fill as the Dark Knight. But what if – There was no Batman? How different would the DC Universe be if there was no Batman at all?

Darkseid conquers the world

 In Final Crisis, Darkseid – DC’s God of Evil tumbles through time and space to arrive on Earth. He gathers a huge army of Supervillains to conquer the planet. Martian Manhunter soon falls prey to his wrath as Darkseid’s army almost wins the battle against the superheroes. Had it not been for Batman using the Radion Bullet to kill Darkseid, the God of Evil would have most definitely conquered the Earth.

The Joker is never born

One of Batman’s biggest failures as a superhero is his hand in creating perhaps the world’s craziest and deadliest Supervillains – The Joker. It was Batman’s beginning years as a vigilante when he meets Jack Napier in the Ace Chemical Factory. It was Batman that made Napier fall into the vat of chemicals that would eventually turn him into the white skinned, green haired maniac.

Gotham City implodes

Gotham was, is and almost always will be considered the epicenter of organized crime in the whole wide world. Batman was born to curb it, make the criminals be scared and run away in fear. It is Batman that keeps the criminal scum in check. Without a Batman, Stupendous amount of Crime would have led to Gotham City imploding.

Superman Snaps and becomes the bad guy

 You will know what I mean if you have read Injustice. The concept of ‘One Bad Day’ doesn’t just apply to the Joker, who goes on to prove it that even heroes can be turned into villains if the right buttons are pushed. More often than not, Superman is calmed down to his senses by Batman, his best friend. If there was no Bruce Wayne, Superman would finally snap one day and realize the truth – the world is irredeemable and can’t be saved.

The League of Assassins starts a global reign of terror

 The League of Assassins has always been a thorn on Batman’s side. It also goes the other way around. As the most ancient terrorist organization, The League of Assassins has access to technology, knowledge, and experience the world has never seen. Without a Batman to understand their tactics, there is no stopping these guys.

There is no Justice League

 The Justice League is the most premium fighting force of Superheroes in the DC Universe. Although the founding members each have a role in it, it is Batman that holds the team together like glue. He had a major role in forming the Justice League and without him, the League will disband just as easily.

The Entire Multi-verse descends into chaos

 In Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, the Crime Syndicate of America is an evil version of the Justice League that rules Earth 2. Owlman is an evil version of Batman who creates a cosmic bomb to destroy the Earth-Prime. His megalomaniac objective is stopped by the Batman himself. Without Batman, Owlman would probably have annihilated Earth Prime, starting a chain reaction that would have engulfed the entire multi-verse.

America becomes a totalitarian state

 The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller offers some necessary insight as to what course the United States would take if Batman retires. Superman has become America’s puppet as the Nation itself has become a fascist totalitarian dystopia without a Batman to oppose it. That is the state of the country when Batman retired. Imagine if he never existed.

Flashpoint becomes permanent

 Flashpoint was Barry Allen trying to mess with the timeline to save his mother from being killed. It is Thomas Wayne aka the alternate timeline Batman that helps Barry understand the consequences of one’s actions. Batman was the anchor that made Thomas Wayne convinces Barry to run back and stop himself from changing the past and creating Flashpoint in the first place. Bruce Wayne was the anchor that ended Flashpoint. If Batman was never born, there would not be an anchor for the Flash to run. Flashpoint, the dreaded alternate timeline, would most certainly have been permanent.

The End of Barbatos

 Barbatos is the immensely scary Bat-God of the Dark Multiverse. He was the reason the events of Dark Nights: Metal happened in the first place. But Barabatos and his ‘Nightmare Batmen’ did not enter the mainstream continuity by asking politely. It was Batman that allowed it to happen. His body was literally the conduit which was exposed to the five divine metals – Electrum, Dionysius, Nth Metal, Promethium, and Batmanium. Exposure to each of these metals turned his body into a portal allowing Barbatos and his army of Nightmare Batmen step into the realm of heroes. If there was no Batman, Dark Nights Metal would have probably never happened!

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