5 Directors Who Disowned Their Own Movies

Directors love their movies. Filming a movie is a very tedious job as it requires a lot of time and patience. It is very rare that directors are not happy with their efforts, but there are few ones who are not happy. Here are 5 Directors who hate their own work.

1) David Fincher “Alien 3”

The third installment of the Allien franchise is nowhere near as beloved alien or Allien 2. Everyone hated this movie, but David Fincher hated it the most. Fincher walked off the film at the post production work. But it didn’t hurt his career. Now he has been awarded two oscar awards.

2) Alfred Hitchcock “Rope”


Alfred Hitchcock referred his film Rope as an experiment that didn’t work. This movie is based on the Novel, Hitchcock wanted to tell the story in very long shots that end for 10 minutes. The takes were so much long and complex that casting crew made the efforts not to interrupt shots. During one take camera, man’s foot got crushed by a heavy camera.

3) Stanley Kuberick “Fear and Desire”

Fear and Desire was released in 1953, Stanley Kuberick earlier planned this movie to release without sounds but after many retakes, he had to drop his plan. Kuberick hated this movie, and he even disowned this movie after its release.

4) David Lynch “Dune”


Dune is based on the scientific fiction novel by Frank Herbert. At that time David Lynch was one of the best directors to handle the sci-fi movie. Lynch originally made this movie three hours long but was forced to cut it down to a quarter of two. So every actor has lost two scene and Lynch had to shot again to simplify the movie.

5) David O.Russell “Accidental Love”

The production of Accidental Love had an economic crisis. The movie had to stop at 14 occasions as producer failed to provide the money. In 2010, Russell abandoned the movie.

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