Kill List of Arya Stark: Who is Still Alive?  

Arya Stark is one of the most complex and multi-dimensional characters on the Game of Thrones show. She is played by lovely & versatile Maisie Williams who is touted to be the “next Emma Watson” in Hollywood. Arya is the third child and second daughter of Lord Eddard Stark and Lady Catelyn Tully. She was the exact opposite of her elder sister Sansa Stark in terms of personality and outlook towards life. She was more interested in learning sword-fighting during her childhood, instead of fantasizing about “Knight in a shining armor” coming to get her and provide for her. She has powerful warging capabilities like other Stark kids, her dire wolf is Nymeria named in reference to warrior-queen of the same name. She has come a long way in her life, from cozy childhood in Winterfell to treacherous paths in King’s Landing, watching her own father’s execution and vowing to take revenge from those who destroyed her world. Here is a list of key people who wronged her & her family, whom she seeks to eliminate one-by-one:

Joffrey Baratheon: 

He has loathed the Starks’ left, right & center. He ordered the execution of Lord Eddard Stark, despite being married to his daughter Sansa Stark, who pleaded before him to pardon her father (for the crimes he never committed, but still paid the price). (Status: Dead)

Cersei Lannister/Tywin Lannister:

 Arya blames Cersei for the death of Sansa’s dire wolf, the disappearance of her own wolf Nymeria. Tywin Lannister is the “master of cunning” who spearheaded the campaign to weaken House Stark and orchestrated “Red Wedding” that killed Robb & Catelyn Stark. Both are Lannisters and Arya hates Lannisters. (Status: Cersei is Alive, Tywin is Dead).  

Meryn Trant:

He was the member of King’s Guard of Robert Baratheon, killed Arya’s teacher at King’s Landing. He visited Braavos with Mace Tyrell in the last season, where Arya stabbed him in his eye, sliced his throat and ticked his name off her list. (Status: Dead)

The Mountain:

Arya Stark encountered him at Harrenhal, where he was ordered by Tywin Lannister to unleash terror upon the people living in the North, burn their villages and strike a deathly blow on the Stark’s forces. (Status: Half-alive)

Walder Frey:

He was the man who literally backstabbed Rob Stark and collided with Tywin Lannister to orchestrate “Red Wedding”, which decimated the top leadership of Rob Stark’s forces in one ill-fated night. In season 6, Arya slit his throat as well as “The North Remembers”. (Status: Dead)

Ilyn Payne:

He was the person who swung the blade that beheaded Lord Eddard Stark. (Status: Not Known)


The Red Woman (Melisandre):

Arya Stark

 Arya Stark hates Melisandre or The Red Woman as she took Gendry away from her whom she liked very much. (Status: Alive)

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