Arrow Season 6 Trailer Is Out! Find Out Who Dies In the Breakdown

The Comic Con Trailer for Arrow Season 6 looks pretty dope even though it did not reveal much just because of the cliffhanger that the show was left on in the finale of the last season. It still actually revealed tons of information with which we could make out what exactly would have happened on the island, at least for some characters.

The Trailer begins with a recap of the last season which was for a minute or so and the recap lead to the explosions on Lian Yu and the suspense comes in.

After that we see Felicity reporting to Oliver right before the explosions that the whole team Arrow is stuck on the island, and then we see Deathstroke actually kind of abandoning the team saying he will take his own chances.

Next up we see William waking up from a dream and Oliver trying to console him to make him feel better and asks him that, “where do you think the Bad man is?” and he points right back at him. Now, since William is staying with Oliver, we are pretty sure that his mom Samantha died in those explosions.

Then we see Oliver doing his vigilante stuff, taking out the Bad guys and saving his city. In the next Shots, we see same assassins at the SCPD and an explosion occurs.

What happens next is where we get to know about who survives the Island. We see quick shots of both Black Siren and Dinah Drake, the new Black Canary.

They fight each other continuing where they left off in Season 5. That means they both somehow survived on the island and there were more survivors.

Then we are taken to Oliver finding Deathstroke alive on the Island and he is all curious probably thinking that Slade abandoned his team and that is the reason why his team died since he hasn’t found anyone yet.

Next, we see quick shots of Dinah being beaten up and Green Arrow making a cool entrance, and Oliver and Slade shaking hands. The trailer finally ends with Slade’s voice saying, “We Walk in Two Worlds. We can only do that for so long.”


So, we found out that Samantha is the one who is surely going to die which actually risks Thea’s fate too since she ran after her. There are probably going to be one or two more deaths and the whole season will be deeply affected with those deaths. And, we now know that Dinah, Black Siren, and Deathstroke survive the explosions for sure.

In case you have not seen the trailer:

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