6 People Who Have Lived With Dead Bodies

Losing someone who has always been by your side in the best and the worst times can be mentally tragic. All those little things they do to make you feel better and suddenly you are left with memories, and that beloved person leaves you forever. Well, there are several stories on the internet that have been making rounds for their weirdness. And today, we bring you six people who have lived with the dead bodies.

 1. A lady used to enjoy NASCAR with her dead boyfriend

A 72-year old girlfriend of a guy knew that her boyfriend loved watching NASCAR. After his death, she mummified the body of her boyfriend and put him on a chair. She believed that he was still enjoying the race.

2. A lady lived with dead husband and sister

Jean Stevens was heart broken after her husband and sister died. She preserved the dead bodies; kept her husband’s body in garage and sister’s body in the bedroom.

3. Son preserved the body of dead mother

A 58-year old man Claudio Alfieri lived with his dead mother, packed in a plastic bag, wearing slippers in his kitchen. In 2014, he was found dead with her mother’s body.

4. This woman spends 18-years with her dead son

Joni Bakaradze was 22-year old when he died. His soul left but her mother could not able to let go of his body. She preserved his body for 18 years until she was too old to take care of him. She wanted his little son to know how his father looked.

5. A man took her wife’s body

Le Van from Vietnam was so close to his wife that he dug up his wife’s body and preserved it in a dummy, sleeping beside it. He used clay and plaster to preserve her body in a dummy and was found sleeping with the dead body in 2011.

6. This man lived with her girlfriend’s body parts

dead bodies

Erik Grumpelt had something special to give her cheating girlfriend. He punched her several times and murdered her to death. He was arrested two months after he committed the crime.

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