5 Must Have Fruits This Monsoon

Monsoon is the time when we get constantly affected due to allergies, infections, and problems related to indigestion. Hence, we should try to keep ourselves away from the diseases. Also, humidity plays a villain in the sense that it makes our digestion go slow.

Some fruits will help us from any such major diseases during the monsoon. Here is a list of 5 must have fruits during the monsoon to keep ourselves healthy:

1. Litchi

Why litchis?
– It helps in fighting diseases.
– It’s great for weight loss.
– It improves skin conditions .
– It helps in controlling blood pressure.
– It is a rich source of vitamin C and Vitamin B complex.
It’s also used a medicine in china and plus, it is one of the tastiest fruit there is, who would not want to eat them?

2. Plum

Why plums?
– If eaten regularly it helps in fighting the bacteria that causes flu.
– It contains a good amount of fibre that acts as a digestive aid.
– It eliminates your stress and fatigue.
– It’s rich in antioxidant and prevents cancer.
-It helps improves bone health and also increases the absorption of iron in the body.
Plums are a low-calorie power fruit that won’t spike your blood sugar levels, what’s better than that?

3. Peach

Why peaches?
– It protects your skin against the humid weather and keeps it healthy.
– It helps in boosting the immune system.
– It aids in digestion.
– It helps in preventing cardiovascular and bone related diseases.
– It is rich in vitamins and high in potassium.
It helps in improving eye vision and body weight also so just go for it. Plus, common, just look at it! What a beautiful fruit anyway.

4. Black Plum

Why black plums?
– It is low in calories and brings down blood sugar levels.
– It has high nutritional value.
– It controls bad breath.
– It treats various diseases including arthritis and is good for diabetes too.
– It helps in stimulating digestion.
It also helps in boosting memory power so once you have it, you’ll not forget to have it again!

5. Cherry

Why cherries?
– It helps in preventing infections that one is prone in this rainy weather.
– It helps in curbing insomnia and headaches.
– It helps in reducing your belly fat.
– It reduces diabetic symptoms.
– It keeps your heart healthy and reduces the risk of strokes.
It also improves your sleep and that’s like a cherry on the top!

You ask why, we say, why not?

Esha Kohli

She is an 18 year old aspiring writer. Currently studying literature at University of Delhi. When not busy writing instagram blogs, she's either trying to polish her singing skills or discovering new creative stuff on youtube. Her only motto for life is to : NEVER GIVE UP.
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