5 Most Popular Superhero Rivalries of All Time

Superheroes can be seen working together, even so, there are a lot of cases in the comics, where these heroes can be seen working against each other. But here today we talk about how some superheroes aren’t each others’ enemies but yeah rivals. The rivalry may not always be healthy, and could also have some bloodshed in it, even so, it would still be a rivalry. Here is a list of some such famous superhero rivalries:

Emma Frost & Jean Grey

After Emma joining the X-Men she provides marriage counseling to Scott Summers, but soon they form a psychic sexual relationship, Jean using her psychic powers finds them in bed and shatters her diamond form, this sure creates a rift between the two, Jean then has Scott to herself but later after Jean’s death, Emma and Scott come into a legitimate relationship. Seriously girls..fighting over Scott?

Hulk & The Thing

This one was sure to take place, well it is the two strongest fighters in the Marvel Universe. Of course the Hulk is way more stronger than the Thing but still, both can go on for hours. That’s not all, once the Hulk, in taking revenge from the Avengers smashes his way into New York, where he’s faced by the Fantastic Four. The Thing takes on him but gets defeated.

Wolverine & Scott

This is somewhat saddening, as the main reason for the rivalry of this duo is actually another team member of this. Jean Grey, who later goes on to be the Dark Phoenix is the love interest of both Scott and Wolvie, but she’s not the only reason for their rivalry. When and after Cyclops goes on to take more drastic steps, and also kills Prof. X Wolverine is somewhat totally against the former X-Man.

Batman & Superman

No one even needs to get deep into this rivalry. Be it the film, ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ or Batman VS Superman Dawn Of Justice, we know how popular is the rivalry of this duo. The best Superheroes of the DC Comics, Bats and Supes sure are buddies but have also had their days of well, all out bleeding battles.

Iron Man & Captain America

Superhero Rivalries

This is most known amongst all the superhero rivalries around the globe. Of course, we know that it started with the Superhero Registration Act of which Tony Stark was in complete favor and the Cap completely against. The events take such turns that what started as a war if words, in the end, becomes an actual war.

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