5 Most Frustrating TV Characters Ever

There are characters who make you fall in love with them and there are characters who are just so annoying that you just can’t stand them. Take a look at these 5 Most Frustrating TV Characters Ever.

 1) Janice Litman, Friends


Janice’s laugh is just so irritating. Probably you feel like slapping her. The wavy-haired cackler (Maggie Wheeler) destroyed any number of occasions in the Friends’ lives, appearing all through Chandler’s romance of and marriage to Monica, and notwithstanding swarming into Rachel’s doctor’s facility room when they started giving birth.

2) Ellis Boyd, ‘Smash’

Smash - Season 1

This pathologically pioneering, snooping assistant hasn’t met an entryway he doesn’t care for squeezing his ear against. This clear confronted prowler is one of the greatest blemishes in an enormously imperfect (yet peculiarly addictive) arrangement.

3) Andrea, The Walking Dead


A character with an incongruous identity who appeared to reevaluate her inspirations on a week after week premise, Andrea (Laurie Holden) truly started to drive us up the wall in season 3. While whatever remains of the show rebooted in a more activity overwhelming heading, Andrea turned into the last remnant of Dead’s lecturing talk dim side, making discourses and self-advocating and for the most part conveying the activity to a stop. It didn’t improve the situation that, in the not really fantastic convention of Marissa Cooper, she likewise tended to fall for the way wrong person.

4) Nikki and Paulo, Lost



There’s a reason a few characters are consigned to the foundation. At the point when Lost authors chose to convey two of the likewise crashed to the cutting edge, nobody could have anticipated how grinding the match’s whiny foolishness would get to be. Just 11 scenes after their introduction, Nikki, and Paulo (played by Kiele Sanchez and Rodrigo Santoro) were unceremoniously covered alive in an especially horrifying (and fulfilling) bit of fan administration

5) Oliver Trask, The O.C.

5 characters

Oliver (Taylor Handley) was around for just six scenes, however, it appeared like any longer. Amid his time in Newport Beach, the Marissa-fixated poor minimal rich kid faked a sweetheart and a suicide endeavor, before fixing his TV-scoundrel destiny when he held Marissa prisoner. Simply the say of Oliver’s name still makes us brood, Ryan Atwood style

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