5 X-Men Characters That The Films Destroyed

X-Men was the first big animated franchise to come out as a full-length feature film, and it had its fans all rattled up and excited, but did it do justice to their eagerness? not even close. Also, the films destroyed some of the fan favourite x-men characters from the comics. Here are a few:


x-men characters

This guy has been done probably the most injustice to. The mere throway character in the film, magneto’s henchman is a full time badass villain the the X-Men comics. The nemesis of Wolverine this guy is a real threat in the books, whereas in the films, is a mere toy, with almost no dialogues.

John Wraith

X- Men Origins: Wolverine was probably made with a single mindset, ‘Show as many mutants as possible’ Wraith, as big a character in the comics is just used as a guide for the film. Also, casting Will. I. Am for the role was another blunder. The musician destroyed the character so much so that people were actually rooting for Victor when he kills him.


Collosus’ character definition in the comics is that guy, who’s a huge frame with a huge heart. As beautifully depicted in Deadpool, the film X-Men: The Last Stand totally tarnished the character, in appearance as well as in character, with no depth given to him, and he looking a steel guy with an average built.


x-men characters destroyed in the films
Rogue is one of the most powerful X-Men Characters, but was handled poorly in the films!

Rogue’s look and powers do justice to her character in the comics, we’re afraid that’s not what we can say about her character though. While she is an emo seeming, mumbling character throughout the films, she’s a strong fierce X-Men member, who eventually grows to be their leader.


To the ones who’ve not read the comics or seen the TV animated series, this guy is the LEADER of the X-Men. Yeah, as much a shock it might be to you, to the comic book fans it was even more so as he’s not given any important role in any of the films, and is killed needlessly in the first 20 minutes of the third part giving him no screen time at all.

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