The Stunning Look At The Tactical Spaceships And Vehicles of “The Last Jedi”

Star Wars is going to take you for a ride fellas. The Last Jedi is set to wow the viewers with a cinematic experience like none other. Rian Johnson’s Star Wars trilogy promises to bring in new characters, new planets and most importantly, new rides into the franchise. Take a look at the incredible ships and vehicles that will be a part of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The AT-M6

The First Order’s AT-M6 is a heavy armored walker in the bad guys’ arsenal. It looks like it is a cross of the AT-TE, All Terrain Tactical Enforcers of the Prequel Trilogy, and the AT-AT of the original Trilogy.

The AT-M6 is more heavily armored than the classic AT-AT and the AT-TE. It not only is well protected but it has a mounted cannon like the AT-TE which gives it superior firepower. It also possesses thick Gorilla like feet for movement. So Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber-thermite charge formula or the Hoths’ tripwire booby trap won’t work this time.

V-4X-D Ski Speeder

Do not let their small size fool you. The Ski Speeders are deadly ground attack fighters in the Resistance fleet. They are the ones entrusted with point defense of revel bases on the salt covered world of Crait, the new resistance headquarters after the evacuation of D’Qar.

The Ski Speeders are extremely fast and agile. Cleverly placed retro boosters gave them incredible mid flight urn ratio. The Speeders primary role is dealing with the First Order’s massive AT-M6 walkers. After all, it was David that took down Goliath. The Speeders can easily take down the walkers when a swarm of them sneaks on the latter from the rear.

B/SF-17 Heavy Bomber

The B/SF-17 Heavy Bomber is one of the heaviest and bulkiest weapons on the Resistance’s arsenal. The Heavy bomber is just what it sounds like. Its primary objective is dropping bombs and munitions. While the Bomber is used for attacking formations, it does have two gigantic rotating laser turrets for defense. The armor and the shields are thick enough to handle all sorts of enemy firepower

The trailer for The Last Jedi showed the Bombers defending Crait from First Order’s forces. What was a bomber doing in a defensive battle has an answer that only the movie can give?

Kylor Ren’s ride – the TIE Silencer

Darth Vader had a cool ride too. The TIE advanced was Vader’s choice when handling outer space skirmishes in the vacuum of space. Now just like his grandfather, Kylo too possesses unique skills with the steering wheel of a starfighter.

Kylo Ren is seen piloting the TIE Silencer while rebel and First Order forces duke it out above Crait. Is he targeting his mother next after finishing off his father? Or is it just an example of cunning editing? The TIE silencer still looks cool as it swings and swishes past the laser fire of the Rebel forces.

Mandator IV Class Warship

The classic Resurgent Class Star Destroyer is BIG. The Mandator IV class is two and a half times bigger. The Destroyer will make its first appearance in The Last Jedi.

The First Order Dreadnaught retains a look similar to the World War 2 seafaring ships like the Yamato super cruiser of the Imperial Japanese Navy. It boasts 24 cannons and two bigass orbital guns. So yeah, you cannot outrun or outgun this huge bastard.

The Raddus

The Raddus spaceship has an interesting history of its own. After the Galactic Civil War between the Republic and the Empire came to an end, the Military Disarmament Act was enacted. The act effectively reduced all military arms, weapons, and assets within the galaxy by 90 percent. The Raddus was one of the last ships built before the Act came into force.

Raddus has several systems retrofitted to its framework to serve as a battleship. All nonessential subsystems have been replaced with automated parts. When it comes to maintenance of The Raddus, the human factor is minimal. It is a strange looking ship which houses a lot of high ranking Rebel personnel.

The Supremacy

Last Jedi

If Kylo Ren can have his own ride, then his boss Supreme Leader Snoke definitely needs to have one. The Supremacy is a supermassive ship that is extremely well protected, armed and mobile.

When we say the Supremacy is big, we definitely mean it. It is the size of a big metropolitan city. The ships have the capability to house scores of starfighters and repair damaged dreadnoughts within its huge hangars. The trailer reveals Rey in the clutches of Snoke inside the Supremacy. How will the last hope of the Galaxy escape from a ship that big?

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