5 Differences Between Wonder Woman Movie And DC Comics

Movies often change the source material, sometimes to simplify for movie audiences or just because what works on paper does not happen on screen. This seems to be the case in Wonder Woman too. Here are five changes you should know about:

Wonder Woman’s Birth:

Wonder Woman’s birth was a bizarre one in the comics but very much in line with the Greek mythology, which if you have ever read has some crazy birth stories.She was sculpted from clay by Hippolyta and brought to life by Zeus. The movie, instead of showing her birth, transforms her origins into a story that Diana’s mother tells her before she sleeps.

Wonder Woman’s Leave From Themyscira:

Wonder Woman left in defiance of her mother’s wishes in DCEU’s movie of the same name. She does so because her morals have pushed her to take actions against the war that was raging on. In the comics, Diana leaves Paradise Island with Steve Trevor by competing in a secret competition. In later issues, Diana is chosen as an emissary to go to the world of men.

The Transformation Of The God Killer:

In the comics, the God Killer was the name of a powerful sword that was wielded by characters such as Deathstroke and Wonder Women herself.The movie gave a twist to this iconic weapon by literally making Diana the God Killer. And since she battle’s  Ares, it’s an obvious decision as to why the filmmakers simplified it.

The Timeline Changes For The war:

Wonder Woman was a product of World War when America was an active participant in one of the biggest and most horrible wars known to mankind.Captain America had already ventured into this territory in his standalone movie, and maybe that’s why DC changed the timeline. World War I seems more fitting to showcase a very modern and evolved character existing even in the beginning of the 21st Century. The hopelessness of the times also was fitting for Diana’s evolution into disillusionment with humanity.

The Archaic Weakness:

wonder woman

Wonder woman is the rare superhero that seems to have a very little weakness. Superman has his kryptonite weakness, while Batman has his crippling dark side.Wonder woman’s only weakness was the binding of her wrists, which was symbolic of a woman being tamed. The movie does not venture to show this weakness and frankly, it was a good exclusion.

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