Why Marvel Hasn’t Given More Diverse Characters Movies Yet

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has essentially brought in a new way of movie production, i.e. producing different movies set up within one giant similar universe. The other studios are also now catching up on this formula of movie making including Warner Bros. and Universal. While Marvel has successfully achieved the love of everyone for this, they sure have received a lot of criticism as the universe set up by them kinda lacks diversity.

The movies until phase two were not at all diverse and focused mainly on Caucasian of the characters, with the audiences calling for more inclusive casts. Phase 3 will now bring in some changes to aid this problem as the movies like Spiderman: Homecoming, Doctor Strange and Black Panther are included in it.

Nate Moore, a Marvel Writer and now an Executive Producer revealed that proper storytelling was a bigger priority than purposeful inclusivity saying:

We want to tell the best stories with the strongest developed characters and scripts that we can. Our biggest concern is that, in trying to get more characters out there, we rush something that’s not ready and we deliver something that’s not up to our standards. So it’s less about us rushing a character that’s diverse to get it out quickly and more about figuring out how to do it right.

This actually helps in explaining the motivation behind the choices made by Marvel Studios. Along with this, a critically acclaimed problem that Marvel faces is that Marvel mostly is biased towards the casting of more white people as the protagonists though it did include Heimdal, Rhodey and Falcon and now, obviously Black Panther. In reply of this, the Exec Producer said:

There’s sometimes backlash when you cast against type. We’ve faced it a bit with the character of Heimdall, for instance, played by Idris Elba who was not reflective visually of what we’re more used to the character looking like in the comics. It’s something that we’re aware of and talk about at Marvel when we consider characters.

Well now this problem won’t occur as both Spider-Man: Homecoming and especially Black Panther has a very diversified cast.

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