Thor Ragnarok: The Location Of The Soul Stone Revealed

Chris Hemsworth recently told that in the build-up leading to the finale of phase three, Avengers: Infinity War, the final Infinity Stone’s location is soon to be revealed. Let’s give you a brief of the infinity stones introduced till now, The Prime Infinity Stone, the Space Stone made its first appearance in Captain America: The First Avenger. After which, The Avengers showed us the Mind Stone, which was in Loki’s scepter, thereafter in Thor: The Dark World we came to see Aether having the Reality Stone inside it, post that  Guardians of the Galaxy showed us the Power Stone, located in the Orb, Vision now has the mind stone, which we saw him get in Avengers: Age of Ultron and finally Doctor Strange gave us the Eye of Agamotto which was the Time Stone. Now there is just the Soul Stone, which we need to see.

As the soul stone is the final piece, it is making people wonder where this piece of the gauntlet is. And who is currently in possession of it. As it seems, Hemsworth has all the answers and says audiences will soon get to know that too.

Hemsworth was there at the Supernova Comic-Con in Australia where he was asked if he had any idea about the whereabouts of the final Infinity Stone. Thor, the character has been in search for the answers since Avengers: Age of Ultron, so there is no surprise in this, Also according to Reddit user lawrensaw, Hemsworth said the stone’s location will be disclosed“real soon.”

It could be in two films now, either in Ragnarok, where various fan theories have suggested that it’s located in Heimdall’s eyes giving him his powers while some suggest Hela could be the one who’ll bring the Soul Stone to the picture. If not Ragnarok, then sure it will appear in Wakanda in Black Panther, this would also tell about the presence of Wakanda in Civil War.

Whatever may be the case, people sure are very inquisitive about what would happen in the films and where would they find the soul stone. Let us know in the comments, where you think we’d get to see the final piece of the gauntlet.

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