List of Superheroes Who Have Died So Far In 2017

2017 has been a great year, with flicks like Wonder Woman ruling the box office and Spider-Man Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok soon to be here, but there have been a lot of deaths too, some of our favorite superheroes left us. Here are some of them:


Logan sure had a long run, but like every good thing, his run too came to an end in 2017. After surviving almost all the bad that could happen to him, with the help of his regenerating capabilities and his adamantium claws, Logan lived a good long life, but that very adamantium was also poisoning him, making his healing powers wear off and this was when he was trying to save a bunch of new mutants.

Charles Xavier

After Professor X during a seizure killed all of his students, he was put on a drug that made it almost impossible for him to move and physically too, weakened him, keeping all the thoughts at bay, but the poor professor met his end in this year’s Logan where he, while on a road trip with Logan and X-23 is killed by wolverine’s clone X-24 in bed.


Well, one should know that there is a high probability of dying when you join a team, named the Suicide Squad. Hack was a metahuman who used her abilities to transport people from one place to another via internet and could with her mind go through all the internet and procure and store information. She, when found out that there was a mole in the team, Captain Boomerang was going to make the whole team aware of the fact. Boomerang came to know about this and killed her.



In order to rescue some of his agents from the alternate reality programme called The Framework, Mace, the new director of shield entered the programme himself. When trying to save the agents, Madam Hydra blew up the building he was in, where he gets everyone out, but at the cost of his own life.


If, after Logan, there is someone who’s death made even the most heartless of the fans cry, it was Yondu. Not the ‘Father’ but certainly the ‘Daddy’ of Peter Quill, Yondu was the leader of the Ravagers and later also became a Guardian of the Galaxy. He, having only one space suit gave that to Peter, saving his life and sacrificing his own.

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