5 Marvel and DC Superheroes Who Are Angry All The Time

Anger issues are pretty darn troublesome. Not just to the person having them but even more so to the people around the guy. But what happens when superheroes have anger issues, you sure don’t wanna know. Here’s a list showcasing some of the angriest superheroes of all time:

Red Hood

Well, this is no secret that Jason Todd is always angry. Can’t fully blame the guy though, being killed by the Joker after being beaten into a pulp, coming back from the dead just to see that your mentor hasn’t avenged you..sure one will be angry. Todd after wearing the Hood takes up killing and is pretty violent in all his ventures.


Bah!! we all knew Wolvie was gonna be this list. Wolverine has had it really rough, his father not being his father. His actual father killing his stepfather, resulting in him killing his father, and that’s just when he’s a kid. After that the countless wars and Weapon-X program, he sure had to be developed into a completely angered and annoyed character. You know what I mean, Bub.

The Punisher

Frank Castle actually wanted to be a priest, but his non-forgiving nature made this impossible, and he chose a very different part to do the God’s work. After his family is brutally killed by the mob, Castle becomes a vigilante and uses methods like killing, kidnapping, violent attacks, extortion to hunt down criminals. He is very inhuman when it comes down to him being with the villains.


batman begins top 10 dc movies of all time superheroes

Well, why is Batman on this list? Because, though the dude doesn’t show his anger, it is nowhere hidden from us. Be it his constant brooding or his stoic attitude, Batman’s anger can be clearly known. Not only that, in confrontations with the Joker as well as some months just after Jason Todd is murdered, Batman overtly shows his anger and boy it is scary.


Hulk smash scenes

Oh is it a surprise to you guys that the Superhero who gets powered up when he is angry is on this list? Sarcasm aside This guy had to be the top contender here. Dr. Banner, when not in control of his emotions transforms into the Hulk after which, after which it does not even matter if you are a friend or a foe, if you are there in front of him, while he is angry, you probably are gonna be the victim of the Hulk Smash!! Someone, please get this dude a massage.

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