3 Most Epic Instances Where Supervillains Ripped Each Other’s Throats

Supervillains represent the evil side of the comic book universe. They are not run-of-the-mill kind and are away ahead of your imagination in terms of their deeds and over all evil practice. It is not easy to escape from them because they have stronger than yours. Anyway, it’s comic book universe. We have seen superheroes and super villains exchanging blows at some point in their respective timelines, but you might not know the super villain face-offs. Right ? Alright, we bring you three instances where supervillains killed each other.

1. Ultron destroys Korath The Pursuer


Similarly like Apocalypse, Ultron is pretty much hard on his workers. The straying of Annihilation: Conquest, he shows how his robotic friend causes the Phalanx to take over the universe. Now we have a Kree called Korath The Pursuer, who works as one of the underlings of Ultron. He empowers himself through biotech. He is assigned to prevent Adam Warlock from assisting the good guys to set the Kree Empire free. But Pursuer fails in that and then Ultron does a massive blast against the atoms of the Pursuer.

2. Carnage Kills Klaw

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Usually a villain of Spider-Man, Carnage is the offspring of the Venom symbiote. At one instance, The Wizard comes up with an idea of bonding a mind-controlled man to Carnage to keep the symbiote in check. And then Carnage gets out of control from The Wizard and that’s when Carnage uses vibranium chunks and back stabs the Klaw.

3. Thanos Smashes Annihilus


Since from his inception, Thanos has been going through several cosmic phases and adventures. And one of them is when he went against the ruler of the Negative Zone, Annihilus. When everyone dies in the super team, one of the friends Pip manages to get the universe back to its original state by rescuing Adam Warlock. But accomplishing that, they stop to deal with Annihilus, that’s when Warlock decides to de-evolve the villain. And then Annihilus becomes a tiny bug and then Thanos ends up crushing the smaller form of Annihilus.

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