6 Superhero Costumes Which Have Cast An Impression

DCEU or MCU – what makes a movie more interesting, apart from the characters and the storyline is the costumes that are donned by the superheroes. The closer we are to the comic books version the better it is. Here we take a look at some of the worst and best male costumes from DC and MCU.

Doctor Strange

1Starting with the worst and we mean like really the worst costume ever is Doctor Strange. We can see layers and layers of clothes on Doctor Strange with no real functionality to the costume. The cape is all battered and hay-wire and the necklace around the neck look like a blimp. The worst is the belt around the waist. If only!


2Moving on to Aquaman, we figured the original costume with body tattoo was really cool, but as the movie went into production so did the costume. In actuality, the body tattoo costume changed into a metallic downtrodden armor. What happened here?!


3And then we have Vision – a few weeks back we did costume concept art on Vision and did we get some wonderful costumes for him. We feel Vision costume really did not require any cape and his face seemed painted all in red. When we talk about Vision, we instantly get a picture of a Robot in mind. Sadly, not the case with the movie and so much could have been done otherwise.



The outstanding job has been done with the costume for Flash – it seems realistic and looks right out of the comic books. The best part about the Flash movie costume is that the team matched up to the CW TV series of Flash to make it look identical.


superhero costumes

No scars, no stretch marks, no dark side – we can say we loved the new retro Joker from Suicide Squad. The body tattoos initially did not quite make sense, but during the course of the movie, it all came together. To top it all, Jared Leto carried every single costume gracefully and to the fit. We can say, after Jack Nicholson, Jared Leto made the role scary and sexy at the same time.

Captain America


Captain America takes the cake away with his costume. One of the best costumes by far when it comes to comic books. Captain America looked equally good in the Winter Soldier, but as we moved on to Captain America: Civil War it just got better. The costume adopted the American flag in a very classy manner and the look was complete with a turtleneck. Tiny touches like a hair cut and the way the shield attaches itself to the costume are really dynamic. A winner I must say!

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