Sinister Six Still Under Production by Sony And Will Not Include Spiderman

Before the Deal between Marvel and Sony to share Spiderman was announced, and before people knew that Spiderman is going to appear in Captain America Civil War, Sony was developing a Sinister Six Project containing 6 of Spiderman’s villains as a team.

sinister six

As the Deal came into light, people thought that the plans for that movie following Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman movies will have been scrapped but apparently, that is not the case.


People right now might be happy about Spiderman being a part of the MCU and the fact that he is getting his own solo movies along with appearing in various movies with other Avengers, but they might not be happy with the way the other things related to Spiderman are being handled.

Sony recently announced that Tom Hardy is going to be The Venom in the ‘Venom’ movie that will not be connected to the Spiderman movies of the MCU and would not even include Spiderman in it. Along with this, plans for Black Cat and Silver Sable Solo movies have also been announced with no relation to the MCU.

Now according to various sources, the Sinister Six movie that was presumed to be scrapped is still being worked upon by Sony as a script is being re-written into a newer version. The movie will not be connected to or include the MCU Spiderman and would even be independent of the other movies that are being set up in the Sony Spidey (not Spidey Universe).

Now, the problem with this is that characters that might feature in the movie may have to be doubled down, i.e. they might be already used. The Vulture, for example, would be a part of the movie and there will be a totally different actor portraying the role of Adrian Toomes even though the same character exists in the MCU.

This according to the sources is kind of a Suicide Squad-ish attempt by the studio to set off a different universe. Though it is probably going to be a mess because of the main cause of the Villains, Spiderman is going to be absent and the ‘Why’ of the movie would be really difficult to answer.

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