5 Secrets DC Doesn’t Want You To Know About Superman

Well, everybody knows about one of the successful characters that DC has ever delivered, Superman. He is more than a character and is often regarded as the symbol of truth and justice. The character has an interesting past, the past that has surprising turns that would seem totally of out of character. So here, we are counting down on five things that DC don’t want you to know about the Man of Steel.

Superman Was A Jerk

Well, when he was not enjoying his treasured memories of childhood, he was a jerk to the people even after being committed to saving the humanity. He once acted like a bully. There is a huge list of things when Superman totally acted like a jerk. From playing off with Lois Lane and Lana Lang against each other to torturing his super friends like Batman, Green Lantern, and Aquaman.

2. He Does Not Need An Armor

One of the refurbishments done in the Superman history is the change of costume in New-52. It looked more armor. Decked out in a cool sleek blue suit with red underpants on it. As per the narration by Clark, the suit is made up from Kryptonian biotech. But does he need that ? A man who is bulletproof, can pierce through builds and can travel at the speed of sound would need an armored suit ? No way.

3. He Was Once In A Porno

Another time he was spotted being a jerk when he was having sex with a woman of his friend, Mr. Miracle. In the post-crisis superman title, in a striking story, an alien porno mogul named Sleaze thought of if he could make some money by hypnotizing Bir Barda to sleep with Superman. But they were stopped in the nick of time when Mr. Miracle appears. But Superman had sex with Big Barda.

4. Superman’s Death

The death of Man of Steel was a serious deal in the comic book universe. And the story was designed to get publicity in a way it had not done before. And it seems like the marketing strategy had already been applied before this could happen. Doomsday was the one who claimed Superman’s life. They fought head-head strongly, but Superman loses the fight.

5. He Came Back To Life In Two Person


What spoke more about that thing is his inevitable return from the dead. During his resurrection, in a  storyline, he stops getting energy from the sun, but then he charges himself with electricity and gains all electric powers. He then gets a new blue and white ’S’ suit. Well, that’s not the end. The personality was split into two with each of them believing themselves to be the original Superman.

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