The Real Name of Jon Snow and Other Details Revealed

The biggest mind boggling mystery in the minds of Game of Thrones fans right now is the true Parentage of the most popular character on the show, Jon Snow. There have been many fan theories and discussions throughout the whole last year right from the moment when it was revealed that Jon Snow is not the Bastard Son of Ned Stark.

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As the story folded last year in season 6, we came to know more about the history was Westeros through Bran’s continuous visits to the past as he had been training to become the new Three-Eyed Raven. His repeated Jumping back in time made us witness so many key events that happened which actually shaped the destiny of the whole Kingdom.

One of the most important things Bran witnessed was at the end of season 6 was the reality of his own father, a secret that he hid throughout his life from everyone, including his own wife who actually resented him for doing so. We saw Ned Stark battling the Targaryen’s at the Tower of Joy, in order to free his sister Lyanna from captivity. In the climactic scene, we got to know that Lyanna wasn’t really a hostage, she was pregnant with a child by Rhaegar Targaryen, the child whom we now know as Jon (King in the North). As Ned took the baby from his sister, he took an oath to protect him, before Lyanna whispered something in his ear.

Jaehaerys is his name

Now, according to the sources, we may now know what she said to Ned while dying and it seems to reveal the real name of Lord Snow! Because of continuous focused lip-reading, it was revealed that Lyanna whispers the name “Jaehaerys” to Ned in the scene.

Jaehaerys is a name that is very popular in the mythos of the Seven Kingdoms as he was the king serving the Kingdoms 200 years prior to the series and was known as “The Wise”. Jaehaerys II became king 50 years later, a and fathered Aerys II, The Mad King.

Now obviously, Lyanna would want to name her child after a King that was loved and respected by the people. But, it’s a name that could also serve as foreshadow of Jon Snow’s ultimate fate in the series.

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