5 Reasons Why Jason Todd Is The Most Badass Member of The Bat-family

Jason Todd is one of the most badass members of the Bat Family. Sure he died and wasn’t loved, but oh boy.. when he became the Red Hood, he sure did become the fan-favorite anti-hero of the comics. Here’s a list why Todd is the best baddie in town:

The One Who Came Back

After the popular vote against Jason Todd, for being unnecessarily arrogant and a rip off of the original Robin Dick Grayson, he was out to die brutally by the hands of the Joker, who first beat him into a pulp, then blows him up, he later comes though, as one of the fiercest enemies of the Batman, as the Red Hood.

Won Against Black Mask

When Todd returns to Gotham as the Red Hood, Black Mask is the kingpin of drug trafficking business going on in the city. With the ideology, ‘you can’t stop crime just control it’ Todd, face off with Black Mask and defeats him. Mask has to go to these lengths that he frees Joker from Arkham in order to take on the Hood. He fails though.

Did It With The Demon’s Daughter

When Todd wakes up, he has no idea where he is or why is that happening to him, he is taken care of, by Talia for an entire year and is trained by the League of Assassins to check him for how strong he is physically and mentally. When Ra’s and Talia argue over Jason’s usefulness, a highly infuriated Talia pushes Jason into the Lazarus Pit, making him deadlier. That night, the two make love. Quite absurd to think, both Bats and Hood did it with Talia.

‘I’m Batman’

When Bruce Wayne is missing and presumed dead, Todd takes on the mantle of Batman, dons a Batsuit with a mouth guard and has two pistols in his hands. This doesn’t seem fine to the other members of the Bat-Family. There he stabs Tim Drake with a Batarang, shoots Damian Wayne and is finally taken down by Dick Grayson who needs to wear the cape of Batman himself to take him down.

People Prefer Me

jason todd

When in New York, Dick Grayson reads about Nightwing killing people, when he faces off with the fake Nightwing, he gets to know that its Todd, who he then fights and loses too. Todd even slices off his hand. He tells Grayson, that people prefer me, the new Nightwing. Both then team up to defeat a common enemy.

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