10 Hottest Actresses Working In Hollywood Today

Hollywood is full of hot women who make men surrender themselves and dance to their tunes. Here’s a list of hottest actresses who won’t let you sleep.

Gal Gadot:

Hottest Actresses Working In Hollywood Today

She is the new Wonder Woman. She has had a successful modeling career in Israel. She won the Miss Universe title in 2012. She is also a martial art expert who knows how to kick some serious butt.

Scarlett Johansson:

She is the most ravishing and bold actress working in Hollywood. She recently became the female artist with highest collections at the box-office, thanks to her role in Marvel movies.

Margot Robbie:

She oozes confidence and sexuality when she comes onscreen. Whether it’s Wolf of Wall-Street or Suicide Squad, her performance stands out and pull the audience.

Eva Green:

Hottest Actresses Working In Hollywood Today

She is extremely talented and seductive at the same time. Her selection of roles is bold and risky, but she always put her best foot forward.

Amber Heard:

She is a diva. She has dated hottest stars in town and got married to Johnny Depp. She is smokin hot on the runway and has huge brand endorsements.

Nina Dobrev:

She rocked it in “The Vampire Diaries” as both Elena Gilbert and Katherine. She is really hot n happening. She is one of the most attractive women on the red carpet.

Megan Fox:

She is curvy, sexy, seductive and bold as hell. She is just too hot to handle.

Emma Stone:

She had big dreams for herself when she entered into Hollywood and she excelled with flying colors. Her recent performance in a musical with Ryan Gosling earned her a lot of praise from all quarters.

Emma Watson:

She is a thinking actress who is hot as hell. She is an intellectual of the highest order, but can also be naughty sometimes. She is a true beauty with brains.

Natalie Portman:

hottest actresses
Hottest Actresses Working In Hollywood Today

She is very beautiful, smart, charming and graceful. She carries herself with panache. Her performance in Black Swan won the nomination at the Oscars.

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