5 Horrible Things The Joker Did Which Will Fuck With Your Senses

The Joker is undoubtedly the best villain, any comic has ever offered. With no superpowers, this guy can create the worst of the situations for our beloved Batman. Here are some of the worst things he’s ever done:

Created Joker Junior

Joker has tried various horrific methods to torture Batman, creating Joker Junior was one of the worst. In the animated film Batman Beyond, the Joker returns and captures Tim Drake, who he then brainwashes and erases his memories, making him his surrogate son. He asks him to kill Batman, but Tim shoots the Joker instead.

Killed Sarah Essen

Sarah Essen was James Gordon’s second wife, who was also a cop. Once, she manages to catch Joker on gunpoint, but there is an issue, that the clown prince of mayhem has dozens of infants as hostages. He then tosses an infant towards Sarah, who out of the reflex of her nature drops her gun to catch the baby. Joker then picks up the gun and shoots her in the head.

Corrupted Superman

In the Injustice series, the Joker drugs Superman and makes her kill Lois Lane and their unborn child. Not only that he also makes him kill 5 million people in Metropolis too. When Superman regains consciousness, he is mad with rage and guilt, he then kills Joker, which leads to his fall. Post that he becomes a dictator and Batman has to bring in people from other Earths to stop Superman.

Shooting Barbara Gordon

Gordon has probably lost the most to the chaos-loving Joker. Here, the Joker shoots Barbara Gordon aka Batgirl (James Gordon’s daughter) in the stomach, crippling her forever. He does this to drive Gordon crazy and make him cross the line. Gordon doesn’t give in though and Barbara also becomes the Oracle after this incident, but stil, this was a very evil deed.

Killing Jason Todd

the joker

Out of everything that the Joker has done, killing Jason Todd was arguably the worst thing that he did. He traps the second Robin’s long lost mother and when he comes to save her, beats him to a pulp, with a crowbar. Not just that, he leaves him there with a time bomb, and blows him up just before Batman can get there. Todd later returns as the Red Hood though.

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