5 Brutal Things Green Goblin Has Done With Peter Parker

There are villains, then there are disgusting villains, then there are absolute dickheads, probably a worse category is needed for the Green Goblin, who laughed all through has put Peter Parker into a life of misery. Here are some of the worst things that he has done to Spider-Man:

Kills Gwen Stacy

No matter how much the story is loved today, at the time when it was first published, Gwen Stacy’s death was the first big superhero love interest to die by the hands of a villain. Osborn kills peter’s girl, Gwen Stacy, or should we call it, he makes Peter kill his girlfriend. This was truly a defining moment for the bronze age comics as it not only changed the trend but here it’s actually Spidey’s webbing trying to save Gwen, that leads to snapping her neck.

Orchestrated The Clone Saga

After Peter’s clone reappears and Peter comes to know that he was not the clone, the Goblin tells Spidey, laughing that it was he who had done all this and planned the whole clone saga. Not just that he impales the Scarlet Spider with his glider, killing the guy who Peter had somewhat thought of as a brother.

Kidnapping (Probably Killing) Peter’s Baby

Peter Parker has had a number of problems since after the Green Goblin came to know the identity of the person under the mask. After finding out that it’s Peter, it is he who pays the nurse to tell MJ that she has had a miscarriage, and takes baby May with her. He later kills her, probably.

Creates Live Decoys Of Peter’s Parents

Osborn should write a book on ‘How to be a dick’ This guy, gave Peter, the one thing he longed for his entire life. His Parents. They show up one day at Aunt May’s doorstep and Peter Parker now wants nothing more. But later it’s shown that that actually was spider-Man’s long time for, Chameleon. Who has a disk, which when played has the Green Goblin, who’s dead at the time telling Peter that it was he who orchestrated the whole plan.

Have Babies With Gwen Stacy

Peter Parker

What could be more brutal than killing Peter’s girlfriend? Yeah..having sex with her and spawning mutant Spider-Man hating children. That’s exactly what Osborn did. The character assassination of Gwen and Norman Osborne’s kids are shown to be born at a speeding rate, with Mary Jane leaking this information out to Peter Parker, even putting her in a bad light. This arc had no positives at all and was hated by the fans. This guy sure knows how to break someone.

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