This Arrow Plot From Season 5 Will be Back in Season 6 Too

The 5th season of Arrow ended on a very high note and left the most mind boggling suspense in the minds of the viewers. Each and every Arrow fan would be wondering that what really would have happened on Lian Yu and will the team arrow survive somehow or not.

Considering the fate of all supporting characters hanging in danger because of how the heated conflict of Green Arrow with Prometheus ended, it is really difficult to predict that what would happen in the next season and what plot line could be followed by the show.


There are still some plot lines that remained unresolved in season 5, such as Felicity’s plot with the Blacklist organisation Helix. This would surely return in the next season. Luckily, co-showrunner Wendy Mericle has revealed that we probably haven’t seen the last of the computer ninjas at Helix, saying this:

[Helix is] a dangling thread, and we don’t like to leave those hanging around. It’d be a great, sort of built-in story for Felicity to revisit these people, who are not very happy with her, let’s be honest. We left that open-ended on purpose, for sure.  

The showrunners comments therefore, should reassure fans that Felicity would be back on the show and would probably survive Lian Yu as she has unresolved issues with Helix. Given that Felicity was kind of against team Arrow during season 5 to support Helix, it would be interesting to see all the in-show reactions in season 6.if Felicity would have learned from her mistakes, she might be less attracted to use Helix’s resources and might act against them.

arrow plot

So, assuming Felicity survives, we know that ‘olicity’ will be it would be a pair in the next season and it will safe to think that maybe some or all the members might come out alive from LiaYu. Fans are really eager to see who survives if not all and who dies.

Let us see if they explore this Arrow plot in Season 6 or not!

Arrow has moved to Thursdays and will air at 9 p.m. on October 12. That is when the suspense of the fans will be resolved.

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