5 Most Controversial Moments of Spider-Man

Spider-Man is one of the most favorite superheroes of fans, but there have been a lot of controversial moments in the character’s arc making the audience hate the writers and the editors. Here are some of them:

Gwen Stacy’s Death

No matter how much the story is loved today, at the time when it was first published, Gwen Stacy’s death was the first big superhero love interest to die by the hands of a villain. This was truly a defining moment for the bonze age comics as it not only changed the trend but here it’s actually Spidey’s webbing trying to save Gwen, that leads to snapping her neck.

Peter Parker’s Death

In the Ultimate Spider-Man, the writers did the unthinkable. They killed Peter Parker, this version of Peter Parker was one of the most loved versions of the character and this infuriated the fans to a whole new level. People thought that Spidey would return soon, but they were even more enraged to know that there will be a new character donning the Spidey outfit.

Miles Morales’ Introduction

When it was revealed that Miles Morales would be replacing Peter Parker in the Ultimate Spider-Man, there was a lot of hate amongst the fans against the half Latino- half black character. This controversy, however, subsided after Morales is shown to be a whole other version of Spider-Man, with even his powers ranging to a different level.

Gwen & Norman’s Affair

The character assassination of Gwen Stacy was even more awful than her death. As here due to a bad storyline, Gwen and Norman Osborne’s kids are shown to be born at a speeding rate, with Mary Jane leaking this information out to Peter, even putting her in a bad light. This arc had no positives at all and was hated by the fans.

Peter Revealing His Identity


During the Civil War storyline, Peter does something that’s least expected of his character. He reveals his identity as Spider-Man. Not only was this way out of character, but it also made him just like all the other Marvel superheroes, where earlier Peter had a dual identity, and now just was the same as everyone else.

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