4 Marvel Supervillains Destroyed By Other Studios

Marvel superheroes are only as good as its villains. Nothing can be truer than this statement, and these characters need to bring something big to the screen, except, they don’t. These characters, listed below were totally ruined by the studios.


This guy has been done probably the most injustice to. The mere throw a character in the first X-Men film, This hunky powerful henchman of Magneto is a full-time badass villain the X-Men comics. The nemesis of Wolverine this guy is a real threat in the books, whereas in the films, is a mere toy, with almost no dialogues and a stupid growl.


Venom is probably the arch-nemesis of Spider-Man, even though he’s now an anti-hero rather than a full-time villain, the guy is one of the most powerful villains of Spidey. casting someone’s stupid as Topher Grace for such an intimidating role is a sheer foolishness on behalf of the casting team. Not just that, the guy is so small in size that he actually makes the audiences sad to even look at Venom.


Apocalypse, as the name suggests, this guy is the first mutant (or so he is called) and wants nothing but to destroy the whole world with his 4 henchmen, so that he can rebuild a new one from the ashes of the old world. Probably the most intimidating X-Men villain ever, with a callosal size and unimaginable powers, in the comics. In the film, he’s just 6’2 tall and is easily defeated by Jean Grey. That’ss all. Really, this is all the character has to him. Nothing but sheer laziness on the part of the creative team.

Doctor Doom


Doctor Doom is the best villain that the Marvel comics have to offer. Be it his physical prowess, be it his cunning nature and intellect or be it his mystical abilities, all these make Dr. Doom a formidable enemy, But what has been done to this character in the Fantastic 4 franchises is nothing but pure injustice. Be it what was one to him in his 2005 film, where he just uses his strength instead of his intellect to take down the Fantastic 4 or be it the whole big blunder that was done in the latest Fantastic 4 film, where nothing, absolutely nothing was right about the character. From his physique to his strength to even his look, it was all but a joke.

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