10 Biggest Blunders in DC Movies So Far

Some of the DC movies or some things about those movies are so bad that many times you feel that did the Joker produce these movies? Here is a list of some disastrous creative choices made in movies inspired by DC comics.

A serious lack of Joker – Suicide Squad

Fans got really hyped when they saw Leto’s Joker in the suicide squad trailers and the expectations from the Oscar-winning actor were very high. Everyone thought that he would pull off the clown prince very well, and he might have if all his impactful scenes would not have been cut from the movie.

Metropolis’ Destruction – Man of Steel

It is not that we did not want an explosive final battle against General Zod, but the world’s greatest Superhero could have done at least something to avoid the amount of collateral damage caused. Instead, he kept punching Zod through the buildings and the destruction kept on escalating. No wonder Batfleck saw him as a threat.

Rushing the Justice League

We know that DC wants to get into the game to give Marvel a run for their money, but cramming new superheroes together without having a solid foundation does seem kind of rushed. Everyone has seen that DC had kind of a rough start. Even though trailer looks awesome, but the same thing happened with Batman V Superman.

Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor – BvS

Well Jessie Eisenberg normally is a brilliant actor and when the casting happened, people thought that a talented actor like him might pull off the role, but his mannerisms just did not suit the role at all. The way he performed the character, just felt like a badly acted Joker.

CGI Suit – Green Lantern

The most hated fact about the Green Lantern by the fans and the actor himself was that the suit of Green Lantern was totally CGI. The movie faced so much criticism about it and Ryan Reynolds even kept on trolling it in Deadpool.

Shaq as Steel – Steel

Well, the movie is just as awful as the casting was, but the idea of breathing life into a b-list hero was a good one. If a different actor would have been there, it might have done some good but Shaq’s acting skills were far below poor.

Everything about Batman and Robin

Joe Schumacher’s was one of the worst comic book movies ever. Everything about the movie was so wrong that it makes people wonder what he was smoking while making the movie. From castings to the script, everything was just bat-shit crazy.

Batgirl Begins

DC movies
DC movies

Expectations with ‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ were very high and the most disappointing part of the movie was the first half of the movie which showed the origin of Batgirl which no one ever wanted. The movie was really criticized when it showed Batgirl doing it with Batman on the rooftop.

Nuclear Man – Superman IV

The worst choice made by the scriptwriters ever was bringing in the Nuclear Man as the villain of Superman 4 where the movie was supposed to show the clone of Superman. And, as a result of it, the movie turned to shit.

Too dark – Batman V Superman

DC movies

The biggest mistake made by the director of the movie was taking the two most favorite superheroes of all time and making it too dark for anyone to see. The script was Dark and the visuals seemed like they were all shot in a greyscale. Although the movie was good but most fans didn’t like it.

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