Savitar’s Evil Plan for Killer Frost Leaked Online

We are just a few hours away from the latest episode of The Flash and knowing who Savitar is. In the last episode, we saw that future Barry Allen didn’t know who Savitar is but future Killer Frost knew his identity. In the end, we see Savitar coming out of his suit and revealing his identity to Killer Frost. She wasn’t convinced at the first to join hands with Savitar, but after he came out of the suit, CAITLIN, oh sorry, now KILLER FROST said,


So, we can say for now that Caitlin maybe lost forever. Maybe she survived, maybe she dies. We won’t know till the series finale. Now for the altogether important question,

What will Savitar have Killer Frost do for him?

In the last episode it was revealed that in 2021, The Flash was finally able to defeat Savitar by trapping him in the Speed Force. He did so with the help of physicist Tracy Brand who invents a technology that lures Savitar into a speed force trap. In moments before he leaves the future, The Flash (of 2024) hands Barry (of 2017), a flash drive containing all the information on the tech.

Now only Tracy Brand can make sense of that information as she is working on that tech. Now, Savitar is from the future and he is GOD OF SPEED. He knows what will happen. Thus, he will ally with Killer Frost to find Tracy Brand and kill her before she can develop the tech which traps Savitar.

So, team Flash are now left with the choice whether they protect the future from Savitar, which means potentially killing Caitlin or they find a way to bring Caitlin back. All of this will be revealed in a matter of hours.

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Aditya Goel

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