Did Rip Hunter Know The Identity of Savitar?

We all have learnt the identity of Savitar and it was something most fans guessed from the phrase, “I am the Future Flash”. It was none other than Barry Allen from the future who had lost everything he loved and went to the dark side. He became an evil speedster, called himself Savitar and started total annihilation. We were officially told the identity of Savitar in The Flash Season 3 Episode 20 but the show-runners may have teased this way before in Season 3 Episode 8. It’s CAPTAIN RIP HUNTER, THE TIME MASTER FROM LEGENDS OF TOMORROW WHO COULD HAVE KNOWN IT THIS WHOLE TIME. Surprise? Read on.

Remember, the four-way crossover of Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow? We see Professor Stein and Jefferson telling Barry about a message from future Barry, he left for Rip Hunter. They find this message while exploring Waverider. The message warned Captain Rip Hunter to not to trust anyone in the future, including Barry himself. This warning from Barry to Rip Hunter is somehow connected to the Savitar reveal and shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Executive producer of The Flash, Andrew Kreisberg also acknowledges this and told,

“Someone does point out that suddenly that message makes a lot of sense,”

rip hunter barry allenThus, we can see how meticulously the show was planned in the first place. Could Rip Hunter have known that Barry became Savitar in the future? He’s a time traveller and he knows everyone’s future. So why doesn’t he warn Barry? The answer is simple. Rip Hunter being a Time Master knows the ramifications of telling someone his/her future. So, he doesn’t tell Barry he becomes Savitar as this would have a direct impact on the timeline and we all know what happens when these superheroes mess with time. It leads to violent time eruptions and puts the future in jeopardy.

So, other than Barry, Rip Hunter definitely could have known the identity of Savitar from the very beginning. What do you think of this theory? Let us know in the comments.

Aditya Goel

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