The Flash Season 4: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

The Flash wrapped up for what some might say an underwhelming season a week back. But, now let us forget what happened with Savitar and the Speed Force prison Barry is in and start looking ahead. Now that we got a new leader for Team Flash in Wally West and now he will have the support of old friends in Cisco, Joe, and Iris. However, new team members in Tracy and Julian are sure to play important roles in The Flash Season 4.

team flash in flash season 4So here’s what every fan needs to know about The Flash Season 4

Premiere Date:

If all is right with the timeline (yes a Flashpoint joke!) CW should continue its trend of premiering The Flash in the first week of October unless of course, someone decides to mess up the timeline.

The story of The Flash Season 4:

thinker mail villain flash season 4
Thinker could be the villain in The Flash Season 4

Now that Iris is saved, Savitar is dead and Barry is trapped, it really puts everyone in a spot of bother as to what actually lies ahead? The showrunners have confirmed that the big bad for season 4 won’t be a speedster which has led everyone to believe that it is the Thinker.

Also, we have no clue as to how and when will Barry come out of the Speed Force. This puts up a lot of cloud over what is going to happen in Season 4.

The Cast for the Flash Season 4:

We know that Wally will surely play a main role in the next season. And along with him Cisco, Joe, Julian and Tracy Brandt will also return. We can safely guess that Harry from Earth-2 will also be a central member of the team.

Beyond that, we can be sure to see Jesse Quick from time to time. The cast member that has really got us worried is Caitlin Snow/ Killer Frost. We don’t know what her role is going to be. Also how much of a role will Grant Gustin’s Barry will have? When will he return? These questions still have to be answered!

If you have any thoughts on The Flash Season 4, do let us know in the comments!

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